The 10 best things about the old VW Beetle

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Classic VW Beetle

A bit of VW Beetle history

The Volkswagen Beetle or VW Bug, was produced from 1938 up until 2003. The VW Beetle is the most-manufactured car, as well as the longest running car up to date. In June 2003, Volkswagen announced the end of production of the Beetle. The very last Beetle made was number 21, 529, 464 and was manufactured in Puebla, Mexico. This beetle was nicknamed El Rey, which is Spanish for The King. The VW Beetle finally abdicated after a reign of 65 years.

The old VW Beetle is a car that just about every knows. But, what makes them so special?

1 Lots of character

Everybody agrees – the VW Beetle has lots of character. Have you seen the ones covered in grass? Anyway, just the little seats, the dashboard and especially the specific sound of the Beetle –  tons of character!

2 May increase value if well looked after

VW Beetle Classics are worth quite a bundle, but they are cars that were really well looked after from the beginning.

3 Almost indestructable

The VW Beetle sports an extremely strong an resilient body and can withstand a heavy blow or two. As most of them had …

4 Excellent brakes

Previous owners remarked about the good brakes the little Beetles had. If you watched any of the Herbie movies, this statement is true.

5 Easy to repair

Beetles are easy to repair and many owners have tampered with their insides, but they were easy to fix and were quick to be on the road again.

6 Cheap to repair

Because, the VW Beetle was a “car of the nation” its parts were inexpensive and readily available.

7 Hardly ever any gearbox problems

Built to last, the gearbox gave very little trouble and parts were easy to come by when needed. Repairs were also inexpensive.

8 It can float

Ok, this is one of those fun facts. But, because the seals on the doors and windows were so efficient, it actually took a while for water to get in. It floated for some time and then, eventually, like all cars would, it sank …

9 It’s cute

Nobody can deny that the VW is cute. In any color. Many people painted patterns on their Beetles, or flowers, even movie cartoons and replicas of paintings.

10 It can last for generations

Some Beetles have been inherited over and over again. And then once more …