10 Things Home Insurance does not cover

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Termites in house is not covered by Home Insurance

10 Things your Home Insurance usually does not cover

Don’t be caught unawares. At all times know exactly what you are covered for and what not. More comprehensive cover may cost more, but you will benefit when something unforeseen happens.

Take a look at the 10 things generally not covered by Home Insurance:

1 Termites, mold  and pests

Insurance Providers do not provide cover for termites, mold and pests. The general view of Insurance Companies is that mold and pest control refers to maintenance issues. They further argue that by failure to maintain your home, you may be guilty of neglect.

Wires and pipes damaged by rodents may not be covered, but you have to speak to your Insurance consultant regarding this form of damage.

2 Settling foundations

Settling foundations may not be covered by your Buildings Insurance, so the best route to take if you live in an older house, is to  contact your Insurance Provider. Find out whether settling foundations are covered under damage to your house in your Buildings Insurance Policy.

3 Wear and tear

General wear and tear is not covered by home Insurance. The maintenance issue as mentioned above comes into play again.

4 War and Terrorism

Damage caused to your house due to acts of war or terrorism is usually not covered, but many Insurance Providers offer additional cover that you can buy to enhance your Home Insurance policy.

5 Trees and Plants

Plants are not covered  againt wind and disease by Insurance Providers. Ask your consultant whether landscaping cover is included in your Home Insurance policy. If you own and collect rare trees and plants, you’ll have to get separate insurance cover.

6 Valuables,  Fine Art and Rare Collections

Standard Home Insurance does not cover the value of these items. You have to specify each piece of jewellery, every art work and even rare stamp or book collections. These conditions apply to items that are infinitely more valuable than the standard cover amount.

7 Power surge

Make sure that your Home Insurance policies cover damage caused to your computers and other sensitive electrical devices due to a power surge. If not, ask your Insurance Provider whether additional cover is available.

8 Food Spoiling

The latest trend in Home Insurance is that spoiled food will be covered under your Home Contents Insurance. However, to be on the safe side, ask your consultant about this and also what amount is generally paid out.

9 Theft of Watercraft

Generally, watercraft is not covered under Home Insurance. You’ll have to get Watercraft Insurance that provides cover for boats, jet-skis, catamarans and even rubber ducks.

10 Home office

If you work from home or run a business from your home, your office equipment may not be covered under your Home Insurance policy. Depending on what kind of business you run, you may find it safer to get separate Business Insurance to cover your assets comprehensively.