Affordable Car Insurance for Women

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Affordable Car Insurance designed for Women

As a woman with different needs to that of men, you deserve tailor-made and affordable Car Insurance. First for Women knows your specific needs and designed affordable car insurance specially for you! You definitely also deserve our FAB BENEFITS!

1st for Women designed 3 car insurance policy options:

Comprehensive Cover

A select but affordable car insurance package to cover you against almost any consequence of loss or damage. You will have comprehensive cover for theft, burglaries, accidental damage of your car, as well as costs incurred due to damage you caused to a third party’s property.

Also included in the affordable car insurance at 1st for Women:

• Towing & Storage of your vehicle by 1st for Women towline.

• R500 medical costs resultant from an accident

• Canopy and Sound System available to select

• Hail Damage Cover available

• Car Hire Option if you choose

• Increased Third Party Liability Cover of R5 million, R10 million or R20 million as an option

3rd Party, Fire & Theft

Upmarket and affordable car insurance cover against theft, fire damage and accidental damage you may have caused to a third party’s car or property.

The stipulated options included to the comprehensive policy also applies to this insurance option.

3rd Party Only

This is your most affordable car insurance with 1st for Women to cover repair costs of accidental damage you may cause to another person’s car.

Included is:

• the option to increase Liability Cover up to R20 million as well as the option to insure a specified sound system in your vehicle.

• Medical expenses up to R500 for injuries incurred in an accident.

Contact First for Women today. Our dynamic consultants will assist you in getting affordable car insurance!

FAB Benefits for you


If you remain claim-free for four consecutive years, 1st for Women gives up to 25% of all your premiums over four years, or your first year’s premiums back, whichever is lesser. Just what any woman needs.


To keep you safe on the road, these benefits are included:

Trip Monitor to get you safely to your destination

Directions Assist to give you road directions.

Accident Assist for help and advice after an accident

Cabs for Women

Guardian Angels to assist stranded drivers.

Road Assist for all roadside emergencies.