The Art of Regifting

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The Important Art of Regifting

Receiving a gift that is unwanted is a sensitive matter. Before Regifting the unwanted present, there are two factors that you need to check out first…

Receiving an Unwanted Gift

There is a saying that by receiving you are blessing the giver. With that in mind, say a heartfelt thank you when you receive the present.

Why is it an Unwanted Gift?

  • This item bears the resemblance of one of those ‘throw-outs’ after you’ve completed the humongous task of clearing out your cupboards.
  • It does not suit your taste at all.
  • You will never use it.
  • You just don’t have the space for it.
  • You already have one and you are not a collector.
  • You cannot relate to the giver and the gift reminds you of that.

If any of the above applies – you need to find a way to recycle this gift by Regifting.

The Art of Regifting

A loose translation of Regifting is: ‘Taking an unwanted gift and give it to someone else, presented as a new gift’.

If this present is not presentable enough to give to someone, in stead of throwing it away, be creative!

Look at the gift, and decide how you can turn it into an artwork. If it’s made of porcelain, glass or ceramic, break it and make a mosaic masterpiece. If it’s wood, carve and decorate it. Iron or steel, weld it. Every man-made object under the sun can be changed.

Use this creative time to explore gratitude in all its facets. Imaginative ideas are unlimited, so take a break, and make something artful (you’ve gotta try at least), and if it’s a flop, you can say: “I’ve really used this gift!”