A Guide To Car Insurance


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Choose a Car Insurance policy that suits your individual needs

Whether you’re buying clothing, jewellery or shopping for car insurance, you always want to get the best value for your money. But, what’s the secret to finding reliable, affordable car insurance that won’t cost an arm and a leg?

Shop around for the best deal on car insurance

Get quite a few car insurance quotes from different insurance companies before you buy or renew your policy. Insurance companies vary, so you could get a better deal somewhere else.

Don’t be afraid to change car insurance companies

You can switch insurance companies whenever you want, even if it’s in the middle of your car  insurance policy term. If you find a better rate, switch over and save. Be sure to have your new policy in order before cancelling the old one so that you do not end up with no cover for an indefinite period of time.

Car Insurance Policies

There are three types of Auto Insurance Policies:

Comprehensive Car Insurance

A fully comprehensive policy includes Third Party, Fire and Theft and also covers damage to your own vehicle in the event of an accident. There are many extras, too, for example it will also give you cover when you drive another person’s car.

Third party, Fire and Theft

You get third party cover, as well as two useful pieces of cover – fire damage to and theft of your car, including damage caused by a theft or attempted theft.

Third party Only

This is most suitable for older cars that are fully paid and covers your legal liability if you damage someone else’s physical property (walls, vehicles, gates etc.) due to a motoring accident.

Factors that affect your car insurance premiums

A great variety influences your auto insurance premiums and these include:

Age: Young drivers are charged with higher premiums because of their lack of driving experience.

Job: If you work from home, you will pay less than when you drive at peak traffic on a daily basis.

Driving Record: A good driving record shows you as a lower risk and your premiums are lower.

The car you drive: The higher the value of the vehicle, the higher the premium. High performance vehicles are also more expensive to insure than their standard equivalents.

Location of the car: You’ll pay more if you keep the car in a high-crime area or park it on the street at night. Rather park your car in a locked garage overnight and your car insurance premium will be lower.

Usage of car: You’ll pay more if, for example, you plan to use the car for business delivery purposes. You pay lower car insurance premiums if you use your car for social or domestic purposes only.

Excess Payment: The higher the excess, the lower the premiums.

Security: Gear Locks and Satellite Tracking will help reduce your premiums

Happy driving and good luck in finding the auto insurance that suits your individual needs!



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Why insurance is vital

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Does your financial plan include Insurance?

A financial plan should include various crucial items like estate planning, mortgages, credit cards and loans. One important item should be insurance. Insurance is what happens ‘if something bad happens’. People without it will only see the benefit of cover when that bad thing happens.

Benefits of insurance are manifold! It gives you peace of mind that your loved ones will be taken care of when (not if) you die. Indemnity to cover your loans will prevent your loved ones from inheriting your debt. How sad would that be? Not for you, since you will have departed, but for their memory of you. A loan that they cannot cover could result in your assets being seized to repay it. Could you do that to them?

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What kind of insurance will cover my debt?

Cover that pays when you die. Determine the amount and repayment period of your outstanding expenses and get insurance to match it. Your own death is an expense that will appear somewhere in your life, normally at the end of it.

You most certainly have to create insurance to cover the mortgage on your house or the loan on your car. This way, if you were to pass away while there is still an amount owing, it will automatically be paid off. By matching the term of the loan and the term of the policy, you will only have to pay premiums for the term of the loan.

So, if your car loan has three years on the term and you matched that with a policy, should you pass away in the second year, the policy would pay your beneficiary the full amount of the loan. Only two thirds is needed to pay the outstanding balance.

Many kinds of loans, including mortgage loans, car loans, overdrafts and personal loans can be secured in this way. Even debt on hire purchases of whatever you bought.

Surely you care enough for the ones you’ll leave behind to get insurance!


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What is the Petrol Price all about?

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PETROL PRICE – Contributing Factors

Springtime Good News

Spring is in the air and time to hit the road and enjoy the warmer weather. What better news to receive than the petrol price going down by 5.2%! After the significant fuel price increase during the past winter, South Africans can celebrate a lower petrol price of 69 cents per litre to R12.57 for 95 unleaded petrol in Gauteng, while diesel now costs R10.40 per litre for 0.5% diesel, 51 cents less. This accounts for a total retail petrol price decrease of 95 cents since 1July this year, offering great relief to both consumers and businesses.

Factors Affecting the Petrol Price

There are a number of factors influencing the determination of fuel pricing, making it no simple matter. This urges the government to revise fuel prices from month to month.

Brent Crude Oil:

The global price of the crude oil used for making petrol and diesel plays the biggest role in the petrol price. South Africa, as many other countries without any natural oil resources are at the mercy of the oil barons of the world. The price of crude oil is directly linked to the climate of foreign relations, war in the Middle East, specific seasons and of course supply and demand. For the first time in six years, the price of Brent crude oil dropped below $50 a barrel at $42.51 in August 2015, causing this month’s SA petrol price drop. For the past number of years, the crude oil prices fluctuated and mostly peaked due to the US / Iraq war and tension in the Middle East. The recent oil price decrease is due to the stronger US Dollar, global oversupply of oil and OPEC’s (Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries) unwillingness to cut production, US nuclear deal with Iran, growing tendency for switching to alternative fuels, China’s currency devaluation and weak economic activity causing low oil demands.

Rand Value:

The political climate and health of the South African economy have a direct and profound impact on the value of our currency. The South African Rand took quite a plunge to it’s lowest point in five years, from a value of R7.26 in 2011 against the US Dollar to R13.44 on 2 September 2015. Even though the price of Brent crude oil dropped significantly, the exchange rate buffered the drop in our petrol price to some extent.

Government Fuel Levies:

According to The National Roads Act of 1971, the government of South Africa is allowed to collect a fuel levy. These taxes are a certain percentage of every litre fuel sold and are the easiest way to collect money for the failing e-toll budget systems, for example.

Petrol Price Ripple

A high petrol price has far reaching ripple effects in all areas, negatively affecting citizens from all walks of life. This all surely effects inflation too. Whether you make use of your own vehicle or public transport, you surely end up with less money in your pocket. The famous negative public saying sums it up fairly accurate: When the fuel prices go up, everything else go up too, but when it comes down, nothing else do. What most of us don’t always understand are all the factors responsible for this scenario. Even though the lower petrol price might not hold many other advantages for the moment, we might as well enjoy it as it is. We can at least go out and live a little!


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Who needs Holiday insurance?

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What is Holiday insurance? 

I have never understood much about insurance. It has never really made sense to me why there are so many clauses and sub-clauses with fine print that you need to pull out the microscope to see! It is difficult to choose the cover that best suits your needs when you are planning your holiday. Let’s be honest – Insurance is the last thing on your mind when you are in the throes of planning your dream holiday. 

Holiday insurance is essential part of traveling. It has so many benefits, but what does it really cover in the event of an emergency? The two key questions to ask about holiday insurance are: does it cover you in full when you need immediate help or do you have to pay a portion out of your own pocket and then claim back later? 

If you had to compare quotes some cover you for baggage loss and some even cover the cancellation of flights. The travel insurance main purpose is there to cover you in countries where the medical cost are very high. Although none of plan to get I’ll or injured while on holiday, it is better to have cover for when you do fall ill. 

The best advise is to make sure that you are covered well enough. So speak to various companies that offer the products, all of them have standard options, which range from the bare minimum baggage cover to higher benefits policies that ensure that you get nothing less than the best care money can buy. The best option or best cover you choose depends on your personal needs. 

Although many see travel insurance as just an administrative burden you need to tick off to get that visa it really is a must have! When you are ill or injured the last thing you want to worry about is whether or not you can afford the health care you need. My rule of thumb is: it is better to be over insured than under insured!


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The Struggle for Power

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How to handle a power struggle

I am a step mother and married for the second time to a really sweet man who has two children.  Both of these children have been baiting me for a couple of years in a ‘power struggle’.  In the beginning I was to naïve to even comprehend that children do things like this.  I soon realised that they both were playing me with the strategy of ‘who’s the boss’.

To my mind I think the both of them are defiant and according to me I believe they are lazy.  I realised that they both were working against me to make me look bad each time in front of their dad.  It took me a while to realise what was happening.  I then took the stance of not confronting them and just letting things ride.

Staying in control is my main objective so I have to stay calm, take a deep breath and wait.  In the mean time I would make a statement and say something like ‘Hmm, I see my kitchen cupboards are not wiped off.  What is happening?’  Waiting to see the reaction of the children and of course what their dad was going to do.

Needless to say ‘power struggles’ is a way of life in grown-up and children dynamics, the one thing I learned is to pick my battles.  The other thing I also learned is they gang up against me and I cannot win.  So I need to be more wise then them, when they think they will make me really angry, I laugh at them and walk away, but to be really honest I want to break their little necks.  So I pretend it doesn’t matter and give me self-permission to move on.

In the meantime I have had to learn to relax and just ignore them, I won’t get involved with ‘power struggles’.  In ignoring the situation and moving on makes them feel inferior not me.


Author:              Yvette van Niekerk

Biography:      As a Freelance writer I love blogging and writing, I hope to become a well-known name in the      world of writers one day.

Link:                yvettevniekerk.blogspot.com

Contact:          yvettevn007@gmail.com



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Does luck have anything to do with it?

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What role does Luck really play?

I thought we should look at the meaning of the word ‘luck’ according to Merriam Webster Dictionary.

Full Definition of ‘LUCK’

1a:  a force that brings good fortune or adversity

1b:  the events or circumstances that operate for or against an individual

2:  favouring chance; also:  success <had great luck growing orchids

So ‘luck’ is supposedly ‘a force that brings good fortune’. We will leave the ‘adversity’ for now.  It could also be ‘the event or circumstance that operates for you’.  Let’s not focus on the negative.

In other words, to become successful and have great ‘luck’, you need to enjoy the ‘force’ of favour. Who is the ‘force’? It is obvious to me, God of course.  To you it may be the ‘universe’ and to others, maybe ‘other gods’.

As a believing Christian I believe the ‘force that brings good fortune’ is my Lord.  I know that when I pray and am specific about any given situation and circumstances I am sure that it will be resolved in my favour.

I think ‘luck’ doesn’t have anything to do with it, I believe it is my attitude and my circumstance and where I find myself in life.

To my mind, ‘luck’ sure doesn’t have anything to do with it, we all need ‘good fortune, supernatural favour and success’ in whatever we aspire to be doing right now.  I confess boldly that I am blessed and I have supernatural favour with God and with man.  It is something I say and believe because it is true in my own life.

To enjoy supernatural favour with God and with man it is important; you will find that whatever you are working on will run smoothly.  You have that special anointing going for you.  People just seem to like you and that is what ‘Luck’ truly is.  Favour!


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All about Food Allergies

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Know about Food Allergies

Millions of people around the world are allergic to certain food allergens. While allergic reactions can be mild and require almost no treatment, severe allergies can be life-threatening, with exposure to the food allergen in question causing anaphylaxis, suffocation by swelling of the throat, and death.

The eight most prevalent food allergens are:

·         Milk

·         Eggs

·         Fish

·         Crustacean shellfish

·         Tree nuts

·         Peanuts

·         Wheat

·         Soybeans

Many countries now have strict labeling laws regarding the above ingredients and any ingredient containing a protein derived from one of the above food allergens. This is to help consumers know exactly what is in prepared food and if it is safe for them to eat.

The Typical Symptoms of an Allergic Reaction

The typical symptoms of allergic reactions are listed below. Symptoms can appear in as little as a few minutes after ingestion. However, symptoms which may not seem severe at first can become more severe and it is advised that patients go to a doctor or emergency room for treatment.

Mild to moderate symptoms:

·         Skin redness, hives or welts

·         Tingling mouth

·         Swelling of the face, lips, and eyes

·         Abdominal pain, vomiting

Severe allergic reaction (anaphylaxis) requiring urgent medical treatment:

·         Difficult/noisy breathing

·         Wheeze/persistent cough

·         Swelling or tightness of the throat

·         Swelling of the tongue

·         Difficulty talking/hoarse throat

·         Persistent dizziness or collapse

Precautions to Take

Education is the first step to taking adequate precautions against ingesting food stuffs containing specific food allergens. Knowing how to read food labels and which products to avoid all together is a good start. Special precaution must be taken with small children who may not know what is safe to eat and what is not. Schools must therefore also be involved in ensuring that food allergens aren’t ingested by children.

When dining in a restaurant or even just at a friend’s house, make sure that they know about your allergy and how to avoid cross contamination of work surfaces and food while it’s being prepared. Those who have severe food allergies must be especially on their guard and try to educate people on the serious health dangers certain food allergens can pose.


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Meaning, beware of those little rascals keeping us from living a life of abundance and prosperity in all areas, not only financially. Life has become more difficult in recent economical times, locally as well as globally and we need to take charge of our own economy. We can at least make some definite decisions and changes where necessary. No job, business or income is ever secured anymore. Life as we knew it is changing and the only way to survive/ thrive is to adapt.

It’s actually all in the mind. The beliefs we acquire during the years, will determine the outcome of our lives. If we can get our minds in place, the rest will follow.

Here are some of the little pipe dream stealers you might recognize, keeping us in debt and robbing us of our joy:

1. FEAR:

Mostly we commonly have a deep seeded fear of failure, right? No-one would like to fall on their faces, so to speak. Due to fear, we hesitate to start a new business or live the life of our dreams. Strangely, many have an unconscious fear of success as well. The fear of the necessary life changes and uncertainty accompanying that success can also prevent us from taking positive action towards a better life. We human beings like things to be stable and comfortable, right? In the curious little book: “Who moved my Cheese”, Dr. Spencer Johnson shows us how devastating stagnation can be and how necessary it is for us to adapt and embrace new changes. No-one knows everything when deciding on a new business. Don’t find yourself all alone and terrified. Seek the help you need to get you going, learn as much as possible and team up with the right people.


It is so easy (and popular) to blame time, or the shortage of it, for not achieving the success and lifestyle we want. If we can just tame the “time monster”, not only our finances will be better, but our whole lives really! We tend to spend way too much time on trivialities such as gossiping, watching the news and then complaining about it to others, instead of reading and learning to our advantage. We can’t do anything about it anyway. Complaining and worrying won’t make any difference, but taking positive action just might.


Now this can be really exhausting, equally so to you and your credit card! Trying to keep up with the Jones’ was the downfall of many over the years. You might have the best intentions of getting out of debt, just until the neighbours bought their new car or the newest television set, etc. This is a dangerous game to play and will almost always urge you to spend more than you earn. In turn, the neighbours might want to top your newest purchase or holiday and the vicious cycle spirals lower and lower down.


As children, we learn the beliefs of our parents, teachers and other influential adults. Unfortunately, some of those beliefs aren’t always correct or serve us well in our own lives. We have to be aware what is holding us back and deal with it before we can move forward.


There is enough help available for starting your long wanted business or generating your own income and so securing your financial future. INDIVINEUR will be your trusted partner and adviser and will do just that for you! Bookstores are also jam-packed with books from the best teachers up for grabs. They all have one thing in common: they walked the road themselves and teach from personal experience. All we have to do is to take it to heart and live by those teachings and our lives and finances will prosper. It is as easy as that!

Many of us know about the Law of Attraction and inspiring quotes like the following,

mentioned just for a little motivation:

  1. “What you resist persists.” – Carl Jung
  2. “Whatever you think about you bring about.” – Dr. John F. Demartini
  3. “Where attention goes, energy flows”. – James Redfield
  4. “What you sow, you’ll reap.” – The Bible
  5. “This is no time for ease and comfort. It is time to dare and endure.” – Winston Churchill.
  1. “It is not how much money you make, but how much money you keep, how hard it works for you, and how many generations you keep it for.” – Robert Kiyosaki
  1. “The mind is everything. What you think you become.” – Buddha

So why not take action and manage your own economy, because life will do it for you.


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The Importance of Reading

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The Importance of Reading for Pleasure

Many believe that the pinnacle of relaxation is sitting down with a good book and a cup of tea, or reading before going to bed. However, only a small percentage of the population (even in developed countries) read for pleasure. The importance of reading is often given little attention to, especially with the lack of libraries in South Africa. I agree that, “if you don’t like reading, you’re not doing it right” and that reading for pleasure should be cultivated. Many are ignorant of the enormous variety of genres and authors available today.

While people can be told that reading is important, the true importance of reading – and reading widely – is much too often overlooked. Reading is not simply staring at a page with letters on it; it is a window into another world, into the minds of others, into stories you would otherwise never know of. For this reason it is important to read various genres and authors to find which type of stories you personally enjoy. The freedom to choose what you want to read will ensure that you enjoy reading, simply because it’s stories you truly care about and fires up your imagination. Brandon Sanderson wrote: “The purpose of a storyteller is not to tell you how to think, but to give you questions to think upon” and this encapsulate why reading will improve a person’s reasoning, empathy and knowledge. Reading a story puts you in another person’s shoes, showing not only how others live or think, but why they live or think in that way. It gives you the chance to “Open your eyes and then open your eyes again” (Terry Pratchett).

Neil Gaiman said that by reading fiction “You learn that everyone else out there is a me, as well. You’re being someone else, and when you return to your own world, you’re going to be slightly changed”. Reading also gives you an escape from everyday drudgery and problems. “Escapism” is often used as a way to say “you should only focus on the here and now, not dreaming about change, not finding out if the world can be made a better place, not realizing that you can escape the crab bucket”, but I, like many, see it as one of the most positive things about reading and exactly why reading must be encouraged. JRR Tolkien said: “Fantasy is escapist, and that is its glory. If a soldier is imprisoned by the enemy, don’t we consider it his duty to escape? If we value the freedom of mind and soul, if we’re partisans of liberty, then it’s our plain duty to escape, and to take as many people with us as we can!”. And that, I believe is of the greatest importance; giving each who use books to go on adventures, to read about the past or to think about the future the freedom to dream of a better world and use the knowledge and understanding they receive through reading to change the world for the better. That is why reading for pleasure should be imperative in each life and why it is so extremely important to make books and libraries available to all. That is why the importance of reading must not be underestimated.


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Timeshare and Holiday clubs

Family on holiday sunset

Pressure selling of Timeshare and Holiday clubs

The marketers of Timeshare and Holiday clubs are well trained and smooth talkers. They have a way to make everything sound like an idyllic fantasy world of sun, surf and cocktails, all around the world. When it comes to paying though, you are totally on your own. Nobody in their office can help you get rid of what you bought but can’t afford! Be careful, don’t get caught.

Holiday clubs are a reinvention of the dodgy schemes that have long blighted the timeshare industry, particularly in the 1980s. Usually, you get a phone call at home, or are approached while on holiday.

Definition of Timeshare and Holiday Clubs

Timeshare is the annual right to use accommodation during one or more specified weeks in a holiday property or several properties.

A holiday club is where you pay an affiliation fee which allows you to reserve and pay for holidays through the club at a discounted price.

Caution when offered Timeshare or Holiday Clubs

A few tips to prepare you:

1. Be wary of forceful sales

Timeshare and Holiday Clubs are often sold using aggressive techniques, some even illegal. Sometimes you may be offered a scratch card which regularly wins a prize. To receive the prize, you’ll be enticed to a presentation and bullied into signing a contract. Be suspicious of people approaching you on the street whilst on holiday.

2. Be wary of Timeshare and Holiday Clubs resale offers

When you are in trouble and need to sell your ownership, a company may offer to resell it on your behalf for an upfront fee, which you can’t really afford, but desperation kicks in. Once you paid the fee, sales rarely happen or where they do, it is at a selling price that barely covers the fees.

Timeshare marketers may also try to convince you to buy another ‘better’ property, promising that they will sell your existing property. These sales may never happen and you’ll sit with two timeshares!

3. Contract cancellation: holiday clubs

If you are already affiliated to a holiday club and want to cancel, check the terms of your contract carefully and request cancellation immediately. There may be a cooling of time written into the small print, which allow you to walk away scot-free  in the early days.

Regulations for Timeshare and Holiday Clubs

Regulations now incorporates both Timeshare and Holiday Clubs, replacing innumerable complex systems. A cooling-off period is now stipulated. During this time, it is illegal to ask you for any money, such as a deposit or administration fee.

The regulations also state that payments are once a year and the contract can be terminated when any payment becomes due.

To avoid being scammed twice, if you want to sell your Timeshare and Holiday Clubs affiliation, only use an accredited resale broker.

VOASA, or Vacation Ownership Association of Southern Africa promotes ethical and fair trading since 1990.

Don’t be caught by pressure selling of insurance policies!



Ref.: http://www.ukecc.net/




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