The Basics of Liability Insurance

Liability insurance covers legal claims regarding liability, or legal accountability, against the insured.

Homeowners Liability Insurance

Liability in Homeowners Insurance protects the insured or policyholder against claims by a third party being injured on the property of the insured. It also covers damage or loss to the property of a third party.

Vehicle Liability Insurance

Car Insurance policies include liability regarding injury to a third party in the event of an accident and also includes compensation for loss or damage to the other person’s property.

Liability Insurance Cover

Liability Insurance offers protection to the insured regarding a legal defense, as well as indemnification regarding a settlement or court verdict. This cover applies to the negligence of the insured, but does not cover malicious or intentional destructive acts by the insured.

Business Liability Insurance

The most popular and necessary liability cover may be Errors & Omissions liability insurance, as well as liability cover for Directors & Officers.  Because mistakes happen and you may be held accountable if you are in a decision-making capacity, this is definitely a must for all top level managers.