A Guide To Car Insurance


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Choose a Car Insurance policy that suits your individual needs

Whether you’re buying clothing, jewellery or shopping for car insurance, you always want to get the best value for your money. But, what’s the secret to finding reliable, affordable car insurance that won’t cost an arm and a leg?

Shop around for the best deal on car insurance

Get quite a few car insurance quotes from different insurance companies before you buy or renew your policy. Insurance companies vary, so you could get a better deal somewhere else.

Don’t be afraid to change car insurance companies

You can switch insurance companies whenever you want, even if it’s in the middle of your car  insurance policy term. If you find a better rate, switch over and save. Be sure to have your new policy in order before cancelling the old one so that you do not end up with no cover for an indefinite period of time.

Car Insurance Policies

There are three types of Auto Insurance Policies:

Comprehensive Car Insurance

A fully comprehensive policy includes Third Party, Fire and Theft and also covers damage to your own vehicle in the event of an accident. There are many extras, too, for example it will also give you cover when you drive another person’s car.

Third party, Fire and Theft

You get third party cover, as well as two useful pieces of cover – fire damage to and theft of your car, including damage caused by a theft or attempted theft.

Third party Only

This is most suitable for older cars that are fully paid and covers your legal liability if you damage someone else’s physical property (walls, vehicles, gates etc.) due to a motoring accident.

Factors that affect your car insurance premiums

A great variety influences your auto insurance premiums and these include:

Age: Young drivers are charged with higher premiums because of their lack of driving experience.

Job: If you work from home, you will pay less than when you drive at peak traffic on a daily basis.

Driving Record: A good driving record shows you as a lower risk and your premiums are lower.

The car you drive: The higher the value of the vehicle, the higher the premium. High performance vehicles are also more expensive to insure than their standard equivalents.

Location of the car: You’ll pay more if you keep the car in a high-crime area or park it on the street at night. Rather park your car in a locked garage overnight and your car insurance premium will be lower.

Usage of car: You’ll pay more if, for example, you plan to use the car for business delivery purposes. You pay lower car insurance premiums if you use your car for social or domestic purposes only.

Excess Payment: The higher the excess, the lower the premiums.

Security: Gear Locks and Satellite Tracking will help reduce your premiums

Happy driving and good luck in finding the auto insurance that suits your individual needs!



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Who needs Holiday insurance?

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What is Holiday insurance? 

I have never understood much about insurance. It has never really made sense to me why there are so many clauses and sub-clauses with fine print that you need to pull out the microscope to see! It is difficult to choose the cover that best suits your needs when you are planning your holiday. Let’s be honest – Insurance is the last thing on your mind when you are in the throes of planning your dream holiday. 

Holiday insurance is essential part of traveling. It has so many benefits, but what does it really cover in the event of an emergency? The two key questions to ask about holiday insurance are: does it cover you in full when you need immediate help or do you have to pay a portion out of your own pocket and then claim back later? 

If you had to compare quotes some cover you for baggage loss and some even cover the cancellation of flights. The travel insurance main purpose is there to cover you in countries where the medical cost are very high. Although none of plan to get I’ll or injured while on holiday, it is better to have cover for when you do fall ill. 

The best advise is to make sure that you are covered well enough. So speak to various companies that offer the products, all of them have standard options, which range from the bare minimum baggage cover to higher benefits policies that ensure that you get nothing less than the best care money can buy. The best option or best cover you choose depends on your personal needs. 

Although many see travel insurance as just an administrative burden you need to tick off to get that visa it really is a must have! When you are ill or injured the last thing you want to worry about is whether or not you can afford the health care you need. My rule of thumb is: it is better to be over insured than under insured!


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Understand Life Insurance

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How Life Insurance Premiums are Calculated

One need only watch the news to realise why it is important to make provision for your loved ones after your death. Whether you pass away from natural causes, violence, or are struck with a dread disease, getting life insurance will ensure that those who depend on you will not be left with debts or other expenses. While life insurance premiums may seem arbitrary, it is anything but. Insurance premiums are calculated based on specific risk categories. Charging different premiums to different risk categories ensure that each policy holder pays a fair premium.

The risk factors taken into account when taking out a life insurance policy may include age, gender, income, occupation, access to healthcare, lifestyle factors, and pre-existing conditions. ASISA states “By applying the rating factors insured lives are divided into groups where the risk of dying is similar. This enables the insurer to charge a fair premium”.

Why are these risk factors taken into account?

Statistics are used to determine if a person has a bigger or smaller (statistical) chance of dying in a set time period. For instance, gender is used because women, on average, live longer than men. A higher income also means that a person will most likely have access to better healthcare. If you have been diagnosed with any medical condition, it may mean that you fall in a higher risk group than someone without that medical condition. Your occupation may be taken into account to determine if the work you do places you at a higher risk of death. For instance, a police officer’s job may be deemed to be more dangerous than that of an admin clerk working for a company.

Do I have to disclose everything?

It is your duty to disclose any information required by the insurance company. If it is found that there has been non-disclosure or misrepresentation of any necessary information, the insurer is entitled to refuse to pay claims, may recover monies already paid in claims or may cancel the benefit. This is why it is very important to read all documents very carefully and make sure that you understand everything stated there.

By taking out a life insurance policy with a trusted insurer, you will have the peace of mind of knowing that your loved ones will be taken care of financially after your death.



Carin Marais writes web articles, blog posts, and fiction. With interests ranging from mythology and books to pop culture and technology, her writing covers diverse subjects. Some of her articles include The Top Reason Why You Need Insurance,  Live Your Own Hero’s Journey, Dare to Live Life Every Moment, and 5 Tips for Surviving Change: A New Job. Links to her writing and her contact information can be found at www.carinmarais.blogspot.com, or follow her on @CarinMarais.

Oscar Pistorius – Will Justice Prevail?

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Give Some Thought to Oscar Pistorius

Could there be anyone that owns a television or a radio that does not know all about the Oscar Pistorius saga? Highly unlikely! He is a world renowned athlete, an idol to millions and an example of how one person can overcome severe restrictions and still climb to the top of the hill. With the current affair clouding his life, however, many questions have arisen. Perhaps it is wrong to merely describe it as an affair. Perhaps it is a calamity, a disaster, a tragedy or even a catastrophe. But the question still remains: what is going on inside the head of this man standing accused of brutally killing his girlfriend.

Is Oscar Pistorius a Bully?

Those gleefully opining that Oscar Pistorius has finally shown himself to be a bully, a violent person and an ego-maniac interested only in himself revel in his problems. This is not the only side to the story however. Many people that are more balanced in their views grieve for this erstwhile hero. Oscar Pistorius has not spoken. He has cried in court, he has vomited and he broke down emotionally. But he has not spoken. Nobody in the public domain knows how he feels and perhaps there is not even someone in his immediate family that knows for sure.

Oscar’s Future?

Perhaps the public and the media should heed the words of Jesus: “Let him that is innocent throw the first stone”. We do not know what happened and we are not qualified to judge. Perhaps the best thing to do would be to wait and see how Oscar Pistorius reacts to this calamity. He has overcome tremendous setbacks in his life and there is no reason to deny him the chance to do whatever he can to overcome this one too. This does not mean that his deed must be explained away. It simply means that the man must be forgiven eventually, just as we all hope to be.

Business Insurance: Get it today!

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Avoid this!

Business Insurance: Wise advice made for wise choice

Xolani flicked an imaginary speck of dust from the shiny buffet and smiled proudly at her granddaughter, Themba.
“You’ve done well, my child. I’m sure you’ll have guests flocking to sample the menu when you open in a week’s time. I’m so excited for you!”
Beaming, Themba nodded and slid open the doors leading onto the wide verandah. “Come see the view, Gogo,” she invited and gestured to the panoramic vista of dozens of exquisite Baobab trees that stood scattered among thick Mopane bush.
“Ah, I see now why you named your coffee shop ‘The Baobab’!” Xolani exclaimed. Then she pointed worriedly to the dark, threatening clouds looming overhead. “It seems like we’re still in for some heavy rain today.”
“Yes, I don’t like the look of those clouds. It’s been raining almost nonstop for days now,” Themba frowned. “Come, let’s rather go inside, Gogo. I’ll make us some tea.”
Xolani and Themba had scarcely sat down to enjoy their tea and scones when the storm broke loose. The heavens opened and rain came down in buckets. Thunder clapped deafeningly and had the woman looking at each other wide-eyed with shock.
“Oh no!” Xolani suddenly yelled and jumped up, pointing to the ceiling. “Look, Gogo, the water is coming in! There and there and…”
“Careful that you don’t slip, Themba!” Xolani warned when she stepped into a pool of icy water that had accumulated in the middle of the floor. “Look, the water is coming in from under the doors as well!”
“It’s flooding, Gogo! My coffee shop’s flooding! What am I to do?” Themba cried. “All my savings went into this place. I’m supposed to open in a week!”
Xolani folder her arms around Themba and patted her soothingly on the back. “Hush, my child. Remember, you’ve got Dial Direct Business Insurance. Your coffee shop’s covered against floods. Dial Direct will take care of everything!”
“You’re right, Gogo!” Themba smiled through her tears. “You advised me to call Dial Direct on 0860 10 45 80 and get business insurance. You’re so wise, Gogo!”

Why don’t you follow Gogo’s wise advice?

This article was posted on http://www.insuretodayblog.com and is reposted with permission.

Designer Insurance at Discount Prices

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Designer Insurance


Yes!!! Only for me, me, me.
Designer Insurance: What does it mean? Here is a list of what it does not mean:

1. It does not mean the Insurance sales executive wears garments bought in Milan and Paris that you could never dream of owning.

2. It does not mean if you break down in your car on the way to buy milk in the rain on a Sunday morning, and the roadside assistance people arrive, that they will refuse to help you because you are wearing sheepskin slippers and your old paint stained tracksuit.

3. It does not mean they (the assistants) will be wearing Armani suits or Jimmy Choo shoes.

4. It does not mean that the documents come in an Aldo crocodile handbag.

5. It does not mean you get a trip to Paris with Vogue if you dress really stylishly and wear Issey Miyake perfume.

6. It does not mean if you recognize the painting on the wall as a William Kentridge that they will adapt your premium payments.

7. It does not mean you will be interviewed by Alexander McQueen.
Some of or all of the above would be nice, wouldn’t it? Except perhaps the roadside assistant’s outfit unless his name is George Clooney.

Designer Insurance: What it does mean?

1. That the policy is tailor made just for you. I have so often been the odd one out – somehow my exact situation does not fit into any of the categories. No more ready-made parameters. “Fly against the wind” like Lord Byron! It is time that a woman’s individuality counts in her favour.

2. Three policy options: Comprehensive ( It ranges from medical to third party via break-ins and believe-it-or-not hail damage, to car hire options), 3rd party liability cover for fire and theft, and the decency to take responsibility (and avoid law suits) for damage caused by you to a 3rd party.

3. That you still get discounts for all sorts of things, including your gender (at last this benefits women!)

4. That you can stop feeling like an unreasonable, right brain bimbo just because you have specific requirements that any forward thinking, responsible adult should consider but are not quite compatible with existing terminology.

O.K: So, it does not exactly describe the shoes you fancy, but at a push it can understand the longing for them.

This article was posted on First for women and reposted with permission.

Afford a new car

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New car, old car?

How will consumers afford a new car?

Vehicle finance periods could be extended further in months to come as consumers try to decrease monthly installments to manage their cash flow. Is this a wise way to afford a new car?
Since the National Credit Act was implemented in 2007, vehicle finance periods moved from less than 50 months to around 70 months. Some financial institutions even offer terms up to 84 months.
Although consumers tend to pay off their contracts early, a further increase in the repayment period could have significant interest effects for vehicle buyers. It may constrain them to keep vehicles for longer, as the breakeven point (outstanding loan amount equal to the trade-in value), will be deferred.

Afford a new car: Trends

Statistics show the percentage of vehicle finance applications with deposits have declined over the last two years, while the applications with balloon payments (residual values) as well as the average contract terms, have increased rapidly.
Though some people are able to trade in their cars and acquire a deposit for the next one, this number is decreasing. People will definitely keep their cars longer. Sales of new vehicles declined in recent months as disposable income has reduced. New vehicle sales is expected to decline by 3% this year, while new passenger car sales could drop by 5%.
To afford a new car, consumers are buying smaller, fuel-efficient cars and there are still many first-time buyers coming into the market. Small cars ( to 1.7 litres) made up 67% of the total passenger market last year.

Afford a new car: Fuel prices

Fuel price increases have an effect on the buying trend. Petrol price increased by 287% and diesel price by 417% since January 2001. Compared to January 2010 prices have risen 83% (petrol) and 89% (diesel). Sales of hybrid cars increased sharply between 2010 and 2012, but have come down again, as hybrid cars are still expensive and the average buyer can’t afford it.
A tough environment is expected during the next 18 months and interest rate increases are expected. Consumers still have lots of debt and a rise in interest rates within depressed economic activity, will have unwanted impact.

You may have to keep your existing car somewhat longer, or you may be lucky enough to afford a new one. Whatever the case, you must always have Car Insurance!



Money spent on online games

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Online games

How much money do people spend on online games

Money makes the world go round. You can’t have anything you want without first having money to buy it with. Some spend money at local stores, helping to boost the economy. Some people have a boat load of money while other people have absolutely no money at all. Many individuals from each of these categories spend money on online games. It is impossible to say how much, but taking into consideration how much time is spent on online games, one can do the math.

A lot of people sit in front of their computers all day spending money on their favorite online game. Some bet in games like online poker, whilst others are into online role playing games like WarCraft. At this very moment in time more than half a billion individuals are spending one hour a day on online games and 183 million of the half billion are in the United States. Statistics reveal that the younger you are, the more likely you are to be one of these gamers. Fact is – 99% of boys and 94% of girls younger than 18 play online games on a regular basis. The average Joe/Jane spends 10,000 hours playing online games before they turn 21. This is 24 hours less than the average classroom time of all middle and high school IF the candidate has perfect attendance. I know! It’s shocking.  Another fact – in the United States alone, 5 million people are spending over 40 hours per week on online games. This is the equivalent of a full time job.

Now, even though I do not have the answer to exactly how much money people spend on online games, I can tell you that the amount of time they spend on these games is far too much. If we try to add up all the hours spent on online games, and try to work out how much money would be spent on online games per day, or week, or month, we would come to a staggering amount.

If people spend half as much time reading or writing, we may be able to salvage the unemployment situation. The world is uneducated because we live in the computer generation. No more books, no more monopoly or old fashioned brain food board games. We spend too much time doing things that are unimportant. Stop wasting time and money on online games – do something worth telling people about.

Have you spent any money on Insurance for your computer? Rather spend your money to cover you against unforeseen losses!



Questions to ask yourself before you buy property

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What you should know when buying property

Benjamin Franklin hit the nail squarely on the head when he said, ‘An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.’ When you are interested in investing in real estate, you should research your chosen market very carefully.

Ask yourself the following basic questions before you buy property to re-sell in future or rent out:

Question 1:
Would anyone be interested in buying the property from me at a higher price in future?

What will add more value to the property in future? Investigate the area in which the property is situated. Is it close to amenities such as shopping centers and schools? What is the crime rate for the particular area? (People will more readily buy property in a safe neighborhood.) What new developments are planned for the area in future? Will the new developments attract or deter potential buyers? Will it be easy for the owners to commute to work?

Question 2:
How much will I have to fork out to make the property more attractive for potential buyers?
Consider whether it will be worth your while to buy property on which you will have to spend extra before you can re-sell it in future. You will need to keep abreast of trends in the property market. Current buyers consider certain features as must-haves, for instance, a well-designed kitchen with plenty of working and storing space – a kitchen island is considered a high priority. Security features may also go a long way towards upping the desirability of property.

Question 3:
Are you looking for steady and reliable income at a possible risk to asset growth?

Instead of investing in one expensive property, you may want to invest in two or more cheaper units for the same amount of money. This strategy may help to protect your rental income risk. Say for instance the expensive property tenant skip a month’s rent – you’ll lose all your rental income for that month. If a tenant from one of your lower market units skip a month’s rent, you’ll still draw rental income from the other tenant/s. Keep in mind that lower market property may not appreciate in value robustly.

The golden rule for investing in property is to look for a good quality property at a fair price in a sought after area.

After you bought property, you’ll need Home Insurance for sure!





Working from Home: The Cloud Workforce

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Join the Cloud Workforce as a Freelancer

Working from home has definite advantages as well as distinct disadvantages. Have you got what it takes to work from home and still earn a decent living wage?

The world in your palm

It is said that telecommunications shrunk the world to a global village. Telecommuters, also collectively known as the cloud workforce, now toil in a virtual world where work is commissioned and delivered online. People need not leave their homes to commute to work anymore. They simply log on to the web from their mobile devices and the world is at their feet… or rather, in their palms.

Working from home – the positive

You may be able to:

  • pick your own, flexible working hours;
  • better utilize the hours you would otherwise have spent in traffic;
  • save on transport costs to and from the office;
  • save on the cost of professional work clothes;
  • manage, promote and drive yourself as your own brand;
  • take on as much or as little work as you can manage; and
  • be your own boss

Working from home – the negative

You may feel:

  • isolated and cut-off from social interaction between co-workers;
  • overwhelmed by having to take decisions on your own;
  • pressurized into putting in extra working time after hours or not taking a lunch break;
  • unable to juggle family-life and work when both happen under the same roof; and
  • concerned that your income may vary considerably from month to month. 

Have you got what it takes to work from home?

  • Are you a reliable, self-disciplined and self-motivated individual that has remarkable organizational skills and can set realistic and achievable goals for yourself?
  • Do you have the aptitude to focus exclusively on the task at hand?
  • Do you have an excellent eye for detail coupled with the ability to judge the quality of your work honestly and impartially?
  • Are you committed to being and staying on top of your game? Will you keep abreast with what is happening in the corporate world regarding trends and training opportunities?
  • Have you got access to your own work space, reliable internet connection and basic equipment such as a phone and laptop?
  • Have you got the necessary drive and ambition to market yourself as a brand on a continuous basis?
  • Do you have the ability to say no to some work assignments when you realize you cannot possibly do everything on your own?
  • Will you be able to put a fair value on your work, knowing that sometimes you may have to operate on a ‘lose some to win some’- principle.

Working from home certainly has become a global trend and more and more companies recognize the value of signing on freelance experts. If you plan on working from home, make sure you do your homework first and know what you are letting yourself in for. Be honest with yourself and evaluate your circumstances carefully.