Who is Christmas for?

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Your Christmas bonus spending.

Is Christmas only for Christians?

The reason why there is a public holiday called Christmas, is supposed to be for Christians to remember and celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. Who are these Christians? They are Christ followers, who accepted Jesus Christ as their saviour and declared Him the Lord of their lives. Or they are supposed to be!

Looking around in shops and Malls this time of the year, what I see tells a very different story. Let me tell you what I see. I see the Hindu shop owner and the Muslim and the Jew and the Buddhist alike, setting up Christmas trees with bright lights flashing, luring the ‘Christians’ to come and spend their hard earned money as well as their December bonuses, in their shops. To buy two items for the price of one, but the one item’s price is inflated enough to cover both items any way. So the customer buys two, when he actually only really needed one.  What am I saying? He actually didn’t ‘need’ any!

These non-Christmas-celebrating business people smile merrily all the way to the bank. No wonder they are so generously wishing all a merry Christmas, because theirs certainly will be!

Christmas has become the time of the year to waste money, buying expensive gifts for people you don’t really care about, but will feel guilty and what will they think of you if you don’t? No matter that you don’t think much of them anyway.

Even in an opulent Muslim country where I lived, business owners grabbed the opportunity to help ‘Christians’ get rid of their money by creating an atmosphere with stars, bright lights, red pointed caps with white fur and pom-poms, playing BZN’s Little Drummer Boy and Hark the Herald Angels loud and clear. Employers who put the money in your pocket did not share the celebration, oh no. If you wanted the day of to spend with your family, you had to apply for a day’s leave.

Again I ask: Who is Christmas for?