What is the cloud in cloud computing?

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The Cloud

What is the cloud in computing?

More and more people are talking about the cloud, radio commercials mentions the cloud and this cloud seems to be everywhere? But, what is it?

No, this cloud does not mean white, fluffy clouds in the sky and certainly not those dark, looming thunderclouds on the horizon.

The meaning of The Cloud

The Cloud refers to a network of remote servers that can be used for storage of data. These remote servers are accessible through the Internet.

Data is usually stored on your hard drive in your computer, but with all the devices we currently use to work from, we need ready access to our files from whichever device we use. We can now work from our PCs, laptops, tablets and smartphones, but we cannot duplicate masses of stored data on each of our devices. Still, we need access to our files. That is where the cloud comes in.

In the past, we transferred data from one device to the other by using a USB device or we simply e-mailed a file to ourselves in order to have it readily available. Cloud computing now allows us to save a file on a remote server, from which we can access the file through any device connected to the Internet. This storage space is referred to as the cloud.

How the cloud works

You register with a Cloud Service provider like Dropbox or Google Drive, providing your e-mail address and open an account. You can choose between a free account with limited storage or a Premium paid account with a lot of storage space.

Dropbox provides you with a personal folder where you can store files, documents, photos and even music. You can access it from anywhere and from any device that is connected to the internet.

Google Drive operates the same as Dropbox, but it provides integration options with your Gmail and more.

Insure your devices and stay connected to the cloud

Ensure that your laptop, tablet and smartphone is insured against theft, damage or loss in order to stay connected and have access to your data in the cloud.