Designer Insurance at Discount Prices

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Designer Insurance


Yes!!! Only for me, me, me.
Designer Insurance: What does it mean? Here is a list of what it does not mean:

1. It does not mean the Insurance sales executive wears garments bought in Milan and Paris that you could never dream of owning.

2. It does not mean if you break down in your car on the way to buy milk in the rain on a Sunday morning, and the roadside assistance people arrive, that they will refuse to help you because you are wearing sheepskin slippers and your old paint stained tracksuit.

3. It does not mean they (the assistants) will be wearing Armani suits or Jimmy Choo shoes.

4. It does not mean that the documents come in an Aldo crocodile handbag.

5. It does not mean you get a trip to Paris with Vogue if you dress really stylishly and wear Issey Miyake perfume.

6. It does not mean if you recognize the painting on the wall as a William Kentridge that they will adapt your premium payments.

7. It does not mean you will be interviewed by Alexander McQueen.
Some of or all of the above would be nice, wouldn’t it? Except perhaps the roadside assistant’s outfit unless his name is George Clooney.

Designer Insurance: What it does mean?

1. That the policy is tailor made just for you. I have so often been the odd one out – somehow my exact situation does not fit into any of the categories. No more ready-made parameters. “Fly against the wind” like Lord Byron! It is time that a woman’s individuality counts in her favour.

2. Three policy options: Comprehensive ( It ranges from medical to third party via break-ins and believe-it-or-not hail damage, to car hire options), 3rd party liability cover for fire and theft, and the decency to take responsibility (and avoid law suits) for damage caused by you to a 3rd party.

3. That you still get discounts for all sorts of things, including your gender (at last this benefits women!)

4. That you can stop feeling like an unreasonable, right brain bimbo just because you have specific requirements that any forward thinking, responsible adult should consider but are not quite compatible with existing terminology.

O.K: So, it does not exactly describe the shoes you fancy, but at a push it can understand the longing for them.

This article was posted on First for women and reposted with permission.