Does luck have anything to do with it?

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What role does Luck really play?

I thought we should look at the meaning of the word ‘luck’ according to Merriam Webster Dictionary.

Full Definition of ‘LUCK’

1a:  a force that brings good fortune or adversity

1b:  the events or circumstances that operate for or against an individual

2:  favouring chance; also:  success <had great luck growing orchids

So ‘luck’ is supposedly ‘a force that brings good fortune’. We will leave the ‘adversity’ for now.  It could also be ‘the event or circumstance that operates for you’.  Let’s not focus on the negative.

In other words, to become successful and have great ‘luck’, you need to enjoy the ‘force’ of favour. Who is the ‘force’? It is obvious to me, God of course.  To you it may be the ‘universe’ and to others, maybe ‘other gods’.

As a believing Christian I believe the ‘force that brings good fortune’ is my Lord.  I know that when I pray and am specific about any given situation and circumstances I am sure that it will be resolved in my favour.

I think ‘luck’ doesn’t have anything to do with it, I believe it is my attitude and my circumstance and where I find myself in life.

To my mind, ‘luck’ sure doesn’t have anything to do with it, we all need ‘good fortune, supernatural favour and success’ in whatever we aspire to be doing right now.  I confess boldly that I am blessed and I have supernatural favour with God and with man.  It is something I say and believe because it is true in my own life.

To enjoy supernatural favour with God and with man it is important; you will find that whatever you are working on will run smoothly.  You have that special anointing going for you.  People just seem to like you and that is what ‘Luck’ truly is.  Favour!


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