Eat Fat, Be Thin

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Working on a Kebab

Eat fat, be thin: Working on a kebab

One of my favourite Malapropisms is “My son is working on a kebab in Israel.” It conjures up marvellous pictures. It is ambiguous on several levels, and the imagination ranges from a perspiring youth tossing hay on a stick stuck with roasted lamb and apricots, to a team of eager students constructing a float that represents this juicy barbecued dish that is traditional in several cuisines. Recently, the red meat revolution brought about by Prof Tim Noakes, lends another dimension so silly imaginings: A man munching his way through a kebab the size of a vuvuzela, juice dripping down his chest, almost in despair at not being able to finish it.

It is amazing how quickly one gets into a rut with cooking. Below are a number of suggestions for meals that can be enjoyed while you are banting.

Eat fat, be thin: Banting

•Eggs: Scrambled (The trick is to break all the eggs into a bowl and whisk them through with a fork. Pour a tablespoon or two of water into your pan, melt a dollop of butter in the water. Then stir in your eggs. Use a wooded spoon and stir cooked egg from the outside gently into the centre. You want the egg creamy – not rubbery and overcooked, yet frothy – not glassy and raw.) Top with cocktail tomatoes tossed in olive oil and grilled, chopped basil, very crispy bacon crumbled into small bits and some curls of parmesan.

• Chicken: Preferably fat and free range. Place whole happy hen in oven dish, together with some bay leaves and white wine. Cover with lid or foil. Cook for about 40 minutes @180 degrees C. Remove from oven and turn up the heat to about 230 degrees C. Uncover, smear with paste of butter or olive oil, mustard powder, salt and thyme. Roast, keeping an eye all the time, for another 30 minutes. Spoon melted paste over. Serve with steamed broccoli.

• Gammon: Boil in water and some cloves for about 1 hour. Remove from saucepan, pull off the fatty rind part. Leave to rest. Slice the gammon as thinly as you can, and place overlapping slices in an over dish. Put some butter in the remaining water and remove most of the cloves. Peel a tangerine/nartjie, and chop the skin – add to the water. Simmer until reduces. Add ground black pepper to taste. Steam some leeks slices in about 10 cm lengths. In very hot olive oil (not too much) roast them quickly until they start blistering. Place them on top of the gammon slices. Pour reduced gravy over the whole lot and reheat for serving. Just before serving put grill on high. Slice the rind into strips and place under the grill to make crackling. Place crackling on the gammon-leek dish just before serving.

Happy Banting folks!

Take care of your diet, but don’t forget to take care of Insuring all your valuables too!

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