Homo Naledi adds Fuel to BIG Debate

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Homo Naledi adds new fuel to the debate on the origin of mankind

The exciting discovery of Homo Naledi has once again confirmed the universal belief that mankind originated in the Southern African region. The discovery itself and the thorough investigations carried out prior to the public announcement is a feather in the cap of all those that were involved. It is always heartening to see South African teams shine on the international stage.

Not surprisingly, the description of Homo Naledi as a new species in the long line of human ancestors classified to be of the genus Homo has sparked debate and even anger. The South African Council of Churches (SACC) warned that it would be dangerous to allege that humans descend from baboons. They also voiced concern that there is a determined effort to show that Africans evolved from apes and baboons. (The truth of the matter is that no reputable scientist has ever alleged that humankind evolved from the baboon or any other primate. Nor has there ever been a study to show that Africans, Europeans and Asian people evolved from different ancestors, but let us not digress.)

Evolutionists from other parts of the world have also condemned the announcement that Homo Naledi is most probably an early ancestor of humankind. Most of these evolutionists can at best be described as religious fundamentalists. Their view is that man has been created by God exactly the way he is now. To allege that man (or any other species, for that matter) has slowly and painstakingly evolved over long periods of time is sacrilegious and blasphemous, to say the least.

Yet most scientists and many religions see no conflict in accepting Homo Naledi and other members of the Homo genus as early ancestors of man. They accept the fact that there is overwhelming evidence that the earth as we know it as well as all the species that inhabit it evolve even to this day. This is not contradictory to the Genesis records of the Creation. Neither does the theory of evolution deny the existence of an Omnipotent God that created the earth, the heavens and everything in it. Homo Naledi is merely another piece of the puzzle that can help us to understand where we came from and how we got where we are today.

Homo Naledi is exciting news. Human ancestors have walked this planet for millions of years. Humankind is a survivor species and this should hearten us all. Welcome to the family, Homo Naledi!