Health Insurance Tips

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Health Insurance Tips for South Africa

This is the category where we talk about Health Care and all matters falling into that category. We discuss the necessity of having Health Care Plans or not, dental care, care of the aged, hospital insurance and much more.

Health Insurance Tips: Private vs Public Health Care

South Africa offers both private and public health care, with private health care being the preferred choice. Unfortunately, private health care is expensive, but if at all possible, the wisest choice would be to get a Health Care Plan.

Public Health Care in South Africa provides the most basic primary health care and is  offered either free or at little cost by the state. Private Health Care includes highly specialised health care to a portion of the population. At certain training or academic hospitals, quality health care is available to the public at low cost.

Health Insurance Tips: Dental Insurance

Dental Care is similarly available via public or private clinics, dental practices and dental offices. Most Health Insurance plans include dental care.

Dental care plans generally offer one or two free basic procedure dental visits annually. The reason for the free visits is that primary health care may prevent more expensive treatment later. In other words, Health Care Providers plan ahead and believe that prevention is better than cure. It is also less expensive.

Health Insurance Tips: Disability Cover

Insurance Providers offer occupation-based and event-based disability cover. This cover pays out according to the level of disability incurred.

Health Insurance Tips: Dread Disease Cover

Dread Disease Cover generally includes cover in the event that you are diagnosed with a severe illness, for instance: cancer, major heart surgery or if you have to receive and organ transplant.

Health Insurance Tips on how to stay more healthy, pay less in health insurance premiums and pitfalls to be aware of follow shortly.

Stay healthy!