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Beware of Flash floods and heavy Rainstorms


Why is it safer to have home insurance?

The answer is easy – fire, flooding, lightning, burglary, burst pipes, faulty geysers, the list is endless. What if a guest slips and falls? What if your domestic employee accidentally breaks a window and injures herself? What if a tree branch falls on someone’s car?

There are, however, quite a few points that you have to pay attention to regarding your Home Insurance Policy. Are your portable possessions insured for their replacement value? Are more valuable items specified as such?

We look at Home Insurance Pitfalls every home owner should be aware of and also address home insurance issues such as the different types of insurance for different properties, common property mistakes people make and why home insurance is a necessity.

Should you have Home Insurance when you own a vacant property? What are the risks if you do not have adequate home insurance?

All of these issues and more are addressed to keep you informed and hopefully save you money  on your House Insurance.

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Repair services are costly. Make sure you are adequately insured

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We trust that you will find the information we provide about Home Insurance informative and interesting. Feel free to contact us with any suggestions and questions.