Personal Insurance Tips

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Personal Insurance Tips for everyday use

This category deals with insurance for the personal consumer as opposed to business or industrial insurance.

Why do we need insurance?

The easy answer is: We insure that which we cannot afford to lose or do without.

Personal Insurance Tips: Car Insurance

Insurance Providers offer three car insurance options, namely Comprehensive cover, Third Party, Fire & Theft cover and Third Party Only cover. Additionally, you can purchase add-on products which ad value to your basic car insurance policy at very little extra cost.

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Personal Insurance covers you when you need it most

Personal Insurance Tips: Home Insurance

Home Insurance includes separate cover for your home contents and buildings.

Home Contents Insurance covers the loose contents of your house and refers to furniture, appliances, clothing, curtains, linen, art works, computers and tools. You are covered against theft, loss and damage.

Buildings Insurance covers the physical structures of your home and includes walls, windows, outbuildings and other physical structures included in your policy. Most Buildings Insurance policies provide cover against, fire, flooding, damage, burst pipes and lightning damage.

Portable Possessions Insurance falls under Home Contents Insurance and covers all the items you take with you on a regular basis, like your laptop, camera, jewellery, glasses, handbag, briefcase and clothing. Cover extends to theft, damage and loss of the specified items.

Personal Insurance Tips: Disability Insurance

Disability Insurance provides the insured with two options, namely event-based cover or occupation-based cover.

Claims are paid when the insured becomes either partly or totally disabled and claims are paid according to severity of the disability incurred.

Personal Insurance Tips: Dread Disease Cover

Dread Disease Cover claims are paid when the insured is diagnosed with a severe illness and this includes, cancer, major heart surgery, as well as an organ transplant.

The consumer looking for personal insurance should always shop around before committing to a specific Insurance Provider. Keep in mind that the cheapest insurance may not always be the best.

Shop around until you find insurance packages that suit your personal and individual needs, as well as your budget.