Road Insurance Tips for Road Users

In this category, you will find articles about matters relating to vehicle insurance and the best ways to insure your car, motorcycle, 4×4 vehicle, caravan, trailer and watercraft. Your watercraft? Yes, well it has to be transported to the water …

First of all, let’s just note the basics regarding vehicle insurance, before we get on to more advanced information. Keep in mind that the insurance products provided by different Insurance Companies may vary regarding price, benefits and amount of cover. So, the secret is to shop around for insurance and to ensure that you get exactly the kind of cover that suits your lifestyle, as well as your budget.

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Road Insurance Tips: Car

Car Insurance is costly and unfortunately not something that you can do without. Whether you drive a brand new, financed car or an older model, car insurance is still vital.

Comprehensive Car Insurance is a better option if you drive a new car and you can rest assured that 3rd Party, Fire & Theft Cover will suffice for older cars. With comprehensive cover, you can claim for accidental damage to your car, but this feature is excluded in the other two Car Insurance policy options. You are covered for theft in both comprehensive and 3rd Party, Fire & Theft cover.

If your car is really old, you can get away with 3rd Party Only insurance. Having 3rd Party Insurance covers you when you cause an accident and have to pay for the damage to the other party’s vehicle.

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Motorcycle Insurance keeps you on the road

Road Insurance Tips: Motorcycle

Motorcycle Insurance covers you comprehensively against accidental damage, fire, theft, loss and also includes 3rd Party cover. Comprehensive Motorcycle Insurance also covers standard or fitted motorcycle accessories, including your helmet/s and GPS. You may specify additional accessories.

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4×4 Insurance protects your SUV and Off Road Vehicle

Road Insurance Tips: 4×4

Off Road Insurance for your SUV or 4×4 is a little more expensive, but you get good value for money cover. You are also covered whilst driving in specified countries bordering South Africa. Your spare wheel is covered, as well as your sound system and standard accessories. You currently have the option to increase cover for your accessories up to the value of R40 000.

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Caravan Insurance for peace of mind on your camping trip

Road Insurance Tips: Caravan

Caravan Insurance will definitely give you peace of mind when you go camping. You are covered against damage, theft, loss, fire and 3rd Party cover is included.

Caravan Loose contents include all your personal possessions that you take with you on your trip and is separately insured. Some Insurance Companies will insure the contents of your caravan with Portable Possessions Insurance.

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Trailer Insurance is affordable and necessary

Road Insurance Tips: Trailer

Trailer Insurance covers you against 3rd Party damage, theft, loss and fire. The contents of your trailer falls under your Portable Possessions policy and should be specified as such.

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Watercraft Insurance covers you on the road and on water

Road Insurance Tips: Watercraft

Watercraft Insurance covers  your boat, jet ski, catamaran, rubber duck and sailboat.

Your watercraft is covered at your home, on the road, as well as at your destination. Cover usually extends to about 20 nautical miles in local waters. Speak to a consultant at your Insurance Company regarding specific details.

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