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With the correct Business Insurance, this will not happen to you

Business Insurance coverage points to consider

• Property coverage protects the buildings, inventory and equipment where you operate your business

• Liability coverage, if someone gets hurt or property damage occurs

• Business-interruption coverage, if a loss forces you to close your business

• Commercial auto coverage on the vehicles you use for your business

• Umbrella or excess liability policies step in after a large loss and extend your liability coverage, giving you an added layer of protection

• Employee health insurance for you and any employees

• Surety Bonds: Surety bonds guarantee to other businesses that your business will fulfill the contracts you sign with those other businesses.


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Stay OPEN with the correct Business Insurance

Variables regarding Business Insurance

Price: The lowest priced Insurance is usually not the best. it may be the lowest because they offer less extensive coverage or they are difficult to collect claims from. Low premiums at first may require higher premiums later.

Coverage Offered: Other than the basic coverage offered, negotiate for more coverage in most categories and include risks not mentioned in the policy.

Specialization: Each industry has its own risks. Find an insurance company specializing in your industry. Premiums may be cheaper because the insurance company is better equipped to compute the risks involved.

Reputation of the Insurance Company: do not buy a policy that is assessable unless non assessable policies are not available. Assessable policies allow an insurance company to charge additional policies if the company gets short on cash. This is proof that the company doesn’t have much financial recourses.

Deductible: Higher deductibles will increase the amount you will have to pay for insured losses, but reduce the premiums. Keep in mind how often your business might suffer loss or injury it is insured against, and then consider how much of that loss you could afford. That amount or lower should be your deductible.


When considering Business Insurance, shop around, negotiate and always be on the look-out for a better deal. Much the same as you would in your business.