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Personal Insurance takes care of you and your loved ones when you are no longer able to

What is personal insurance?

No one can predict what turns and twists of life’s journey. The road can sometimes get very bumpy. You can’t change that but you can be prepared.

Personal Insurance cover will supply funds to help you and your family when tragedy strikes. Three categories of cover can be included in a Personal Insurance policy.

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Funeral Cover takes care of the financial burden of funerals

Personal Insurance: Funeral or Burial Cover

To prevent that a time of mourning and honoring a lost life is overshadowed by the costs and administration of a funeral, be advised to purchase Funeral Cover.

It is essentially a life insurance and fairly inexpensive. The payout gives the remaining relatives a chance to pay for a proper burial of the deceased. The benefit is paid when the insured dies.

Burial insurance can be purchased from an insurance broker or a funeral director and the policy can covers specific services and/or products. This may include covering the casket, funeral service, hearse, preparing the grave, cemetery plot, minister, headstone and flowers.

Many people have no idea how high the costs of funerals are and the burden it puts on relatives should there be no specified Funeral Cover.

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Personal Insurance provides HIV/AIDS cover

Personal Insurance: HIV and AIDS Cover

Anybody can unintentionally be exposed to HIV and AIDS. Something as simple as a dirty needle, getting into contact with the bodily fluids of a carrier, to something as terrible as sexual assault. Some insurers automatically include this type of cover for their motor, business and home insurance policyholders. You should however arrange for cover if you don’t have any.

The benefits of HIV and AIDS Cover you can expect are:

• Access to a care centre for counseling and advice.

• Blood tests after potential exposure.

• Anti-retroviral therapy.

• Costs of Preventative medication.

• Additional cover in event of sexual assault.

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Personal Accident Cover

Personal Insurance: Personal Accident Cover

With Personal Accident cover, you protect your family from the financial burden if you are injured and admitted to hospital or are disabled or die as the result of an accident.

Financial needs will arise should you and your family ever have to cope with the consequences of you being involved in an accident. Cover and benefits differ between insurance companies but in general provides compensation for:

• Accidental death.

• Disablement, total or partial.

• Hospitilisation.

• Corrective surgery.

Choose your Personal Insurance according to your individual lifestyle and needs, excluding unnecessary options you do not need.