Pet Insurance

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Pet Insurance helps you care for your furry friends

Facts about Pet Insurance

1. Pet owners with Pet Insurance are still a small minority.

2. The first pet insurance policy was written in 1890 by Claes Virgin.

3. Pet insurance protects pets in case of accidents or illnesses, but doesn’t have to be just for the unexpected!

6. Pet insurance can help you avoid a tough financial decision about your pet’s health.

7. The policies typically have deductibles, co-pays and caps that limit how much will be paid out annually.

8. Saving what you would have paid on Pet Insurance premiums is a great idea, but it may not be enough for your pet’s veterinary expenses. One costly incident could quickly consume your savings.

9. Vets can lately offer new treatments at prices that could make you howl. Treatments once only for humans, from radiation therapy to kidney transplants, are now available for pets if their owners can pay. Vets have access to sophisticated and costly diagnostic tools, such as MRIs.

10. Pre-existing problems and hereditary conditions, such as hip dysplasia in Retrievers and German Shepherds, are normally excluded.

11. The older your animal, the more premiums cost. Some insurers don’t cover pets older than 9 years.

12. Dental care, prescription drugs and alternative treatments, such as physiotherapy and acupuncture, are also covered by some Pet Insurance providers.

13. There are two categories of insurance policies for pets: and lifetime. Non-lifetime policies cover a pet for most conditions suffered during the course of a policy year but, on renewal in a following year, a condition that has been claimed for will be excluded. Further treatment will have to be paid by the owner. The second category covers a pet for ongoing conditions throughout the pet’s lifetime so that. No condition will be excluded, although lifetime policies also have some limits.

14. A third-party liability option is available on some policies. Should a dog cause a car accident that damages a vehicle, the insurer will pay to rectify the damage for which the owner is responsible.

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