Is Pet Insurance a good idea?

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Pet Insurance

Pet Insurance for your Family Pet

Have you ever wondered about the necessity and/or benefits of having pet insurance for your pet/s?

Consider the following information and you may decide that having pet insurance is a very good idea:

  •          One in three family pets have to visit the vet at least once per year for treatment.
  •          A whopping 40% of all veterinary fees are caused by unforeseen circumstances like sudden illnesses or accidental injuries.
  •          Less than 15% of family pets are covered by Pet Insurance.
  •        The average cost per vet bill for cats and dogs may amount to R180 – R250. That is just for a routine visit. Treatment for motor accident injuries, illnesses, surgery etc. may run your vet bill into thousands of Rands.
  •          Two out of three pet owners admit to making use of overdraft facilities in order to pay their pet’s veterinary bill.  

These scenarios are pretty scary. Good advice – shop around for affordable pet insurance and avoid having to worry about cost when all you need to care about is your pet getting better.

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Pet Insurance: Accident Cover

Pet Insurance

Pet Accident Insurance

With Pet Accident Insurance you get accident coverage. Insurance Companies will reimburse you for costs and expenses incurred regarding veterinary treatment after an accident. 

Find out from your insurance company whether this kind of pet cover refers to motor accidents only. You may have to specify additional options for accidental injury in and around the house.

Pet Accident and Illness Insurance

This kind of Pet Insurance is similar to Comprehensive Insurance. Your pet will be covered for illness, surgery, medical treatment and accidents.  

Most veterinary surgeons will be happy to offer advice and references of companies that provide pet insurance.


If you love your pets and you want the best for them, Pet Insurance is definitely a good idea.