Love your imperfect partner on Valentines Day

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Valentines Day is all about Love …

When we first fall in love we’ll rate our partner a definite 10 and call the relationship ‘Match made in heaven’. When you have been together a while, you have fallen off. Cloud 9 and are right back on mother earth, wondering: ‘Who IS this person and what are we doing together?!’ The scales have fallen from your eyes and your partner’s imperfections are very visible.

When that happens you get confused. In the beginning everything about your partner seems perfect. The way they look and talk. All their mannerisms. Their eccentricities seem so cute. You can’t imagine ever feeling irritated or disappointed with them. All you want is to be with them 24/7. When that first little grumble of irritation appears – you crush it very quickly in denial. You tell yourself it is just your imagination. But over time, it all mounts up. Then you wonder “Are they really my ‘perfect partner’ after all…?” and “Is this imperfect partner really meant for me?”

Find the real value in your relationship

Now what to do?

Don’t panic! The real value in your relationship is still there. You have simply lost sight of it as your feelings clouded by irritation and now you only focus on faults and flaws at the cost of strengths and good abilities. Nobody is ‘perfect’ and your imperfect partner is no exception. And neither are you! That doesn’t at all mean you don’t love them and can’t be very happy together.

The solution lies in re-recognizing, perhaps even listing, all their good traits. All the things that attracted you, way back in the beginning. All the things that are still there, but you have grown so used to, that you have gone blind. The things that you will sorely miss, if your partner were gone. The things money cannot buy!

Another solution will be to recognize all your own imperfections. You don’t have to list it, just know and admit it. Only to yourself.

No matter how long you’ve been together, why don’t you tell your partner this Valentines Day of all the things you love and appreciate? Yes, even make a list!

If a partner doesn’t FEEL loved, they can’t BE loving. Do you need love? Well then give love this Valentines Day.

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