Manifest Destiny: Embrace the Good News

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Change our manifest Destiny

When you read about the South African diaspora, you get the feeling that there is a world of people out there, looking at this young nation with bated breath to see what will happen next. There are countless South Africans abroad who cannot wait for the tide to turn, the economy to improve and jobs to appear so they can come back. Unfortunately when you try to look for news on the country, you only see headlines with the words crime and murder in them. It is time to start seeking out the stories that tell of how great this country still is. When we start to speak of the good news, and we begin to celebrate those day-to-day little victories of kindness in our motherland, we will begin to change our manifest destiny.

Take for instance the stories of South African individuals who started from nowhere and who are now living lives of grace and service. One example of this kind of person is Mpumi Mabiwa. A young person of 22, she has become a motivational speaker who proves to the world that education truly opens doors. The organization Relate, that makes and sells bracelets to help the community is part of her story. She tells of how she has been able to incorporate her own experience of generational care, having been brought up by her grandmother, into now being able to give back time by working on these bracelets alongside other older women. Here is one more example of a woman who has been able to change her manifest destiny.

South Africans have a reputation for being easy going and popular in other countries. We are known for being entrepreneurial and good looking with a sense of fun and the willingness and ability to keep going no matter what. We look on the bright side of life and if it is not there we polish up the dark moments with our sense of humor and a razor-sharp intelligence that puts things into perspective. We are the people who can bring about a different manifest destiny by starting to look for, embrace and celebrate the good news!