The Missing Children Mystery

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Create Awareness of the Plight of Missing Children

The goal of International Missing Children Day on May25th is to create awareness of the plight of missing children globally.

People worldwide commemorate this special day by

  • being thankful for those children who have been found alive,
  • remembering those who are still missing,
  • pledging continued support in finding missing children, and
  • spreading the message of hope.

“A missing child is a child who has disappeared and whose status as alive or dead cannot be confirmed as their location and fate is not known. A person may be missing due to their own decision, accident, crime, death in a location where they cannot be found (such as at sea), or many other reasons.” (Wikipedia)

The forget-me-not flower is the fitting symbol of International Missing Children’s Day.

South Africa’s Missing Children

A shocking total of 1460 children, one every six hours, go missing in South Africa each year. Statistics from Missing Children SA show that 87% of missing children are found within the first week, leaving 13% still at large. Of those who are found alive, most suffered terrible abuse. According to Judy Olivier from Missing Children SA not all children that go missing are reported as such. The actual number of missing children can therefor be significantly higher.

Denise Robinson, the Democratic Alliance Women’s Network Leader states that: “The DA has always advocated for stronger measures to protect our children. We believe special police units to combat drugs, gangs, human trafficking and sexual crimes needs to be put in place. These units would obviously help to combat the crimes related to missing children and child abduction. We stand in solidarity with all the families and loved ones of those children who have gone missing. Everything must be done to safeguard our children and find those that have gone missing.” The DA will, once Parliament reconvenes, continue to fight for the specialised police units mentioned above to be reinstated.

What Ordinary South Africans Can Do

  • Know what to do when your child goes missing. Missing Children SA made available tips every parent should read.
  • Teach your children basic safety rules such as what to do when they get lost in a shopping centre.
  • Support organizations such as Missing Children SA, SACMEC, The Pink Ladies and the Child Protection Unit of the SAPS.

Let us keep our children safe. They deserve to be protected. Do not only look out for your own children. Remember, ALL children are precious.

Important Contact Details

SAPS Emergency number            10111

Cell Phone Help                                112

Childline                                              08000 55555

Report Child Abuse / Images