Money spent on online games

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Online games

How much money do people spend on online games

Money makes the world go round. You can’t have anything you want without first having money to buy it with. Some spend money at local stores, helping to boost the economy. Some people have a boat load of money while other people have absolutely no money at all. Many individuals from each of these categories spend money on online games. It is impossible to say how much, but taking into consideration how much time is spent on online games, one can do the math.

A lot of people sit in front of their computers all day spending money on their favorite online game. Some bet in games like online poker, whilst others are into online role playing games like WarCraft. At this very moment in time more than half a billion individuals are spending one hour a day on online games and 183 million of the half billion are in the United States. Statistics reveal that the younger you are, the more likely you are to be one of these gamers. Fact is – 99% of boys and 94% of girls younger than 18 play online games on a regular basis. The average Joe/Jane spends 10,000 hours playing online games before they turn 21. This is 24 hours less than the average classroom time of all middle and high school IF the candidate has perfect attendance. I know! It’s shocking.  Another fact – in the United States alone, 5 million people are spending over 40 hours per week on online games. This is the equivalent of a full time job.

Now, even though I do not have the answer to exactly how much money people spend on online games, I can tell you that the amount of time they spend on these games is far too much. If we try to add up all the hours spent on online games, and try to work out how much money would be spent on online games per day, or week, or month, we would come to a staggering amount.

If people spend half as much time reading or writing, we may be able to salvage the unemployment situation. The world is uneducated because we live in the computer generation. No more books, no more monopoly or old fashioned brain food board games. We spend too much time doing things that are unimportant. Stop wasting time and money on online games – do something worth telling people about.

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