Oscar Pistorius – Will Justice Prevail?

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Give Some Thought to Oscar Pistorius

Could there be anyone that owns a television or a radio that does not know all about the Oscar Pistorius saga? Highly unlikely! He is a world renowned athlete, an idol to millions and an example of how one person can overcome severe restrictions and still climb to the top of the hill. With the current affair clouding his life, however, many questions have arisen. Perhaps it is wrong to merely describe it as an affair. Perhaps it is a calamity, a disaster, a tragedy or even a catastrophe. But the question still remains: what is going on inside the head of this man standing accused of brutally killing his girlfriend.

Is Oscar Pistorius a Bully?

Those gleefully opining that Oscar Pistorius has finally shown himself to be a bully, a violent person and an ego-maniac interested only in himself revel in his problems. This is not the only side to the story however. Many people that are more balanced in their views grieve for this erstwhile hero. Oscar Pistorius has not spoken. He has cried in court, he has vomited and he broke down emotionally. But he has not spoken. Nobody in the public domain knows how he feels and perhaps there is not even someone in his immediate family that knows for sure.

Oscar’s Future?

Perhaps the public and the media should heed the words of Jesus: “Let him that is innocent throw the first stone”. We do not know what happened and we are not qualified to judge. Perhaps the best thing to do would be to wait and see how Oscar Pistorius reacts to this calamity. He has overcome tremendous setbacks in his life and there is no reason to deny him the chance to do whatever he can to overcome this one too. This does not mean that his deed must be explained away. It simply means that the man must be forgiven eventually, just as we all hope to be.