The Perfect Valentine Date

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Tips for planning a perfect Valentine date

It’s once again time to organize your yearly Valentine date and you are at your wits’ end trying to think of something new and original. Red roses, a romantic card and dinner for two have become predictable, boring and unoriginal. Why not pull out all the stops and plan an all day Valentine date?

Plan ahead!

This year, Valentine’s day is on a Saturday, so most people will have the entire day to celebrate love and romance. However, you need to make sure that the entire day passes without a single hitch. This means planning ahead. Here are a few pointers:


Make a list of possible venues. It may be best to spend the day at a single location. Travelling from one venue to another is stressful and it wastes time. Consider the activities and amenities available at each venue. For example, if you are considering the beach, make sure you choose one where there is a restaurant and clean bathrooms available within easy walking distance. Perhaps you want the entire day to be a surprise, but it can turn out to be terrible if she does not like the venue. You may want to at least ask her what her preferences are. You can still surprise her in many ways on the big day.


With the venue sorted out, design a program for the day. Once she finds out that you have taken the trouble to carefully plan your time together, she will realize that you consider time spent with her precious and that you do not intend to waste a minute of it. A word of warning, though! Do not cram the day with so many activities that she will feel rushed and harassed. Romance has a slow and leisurely pace.


Make sure that she will at no time be embarrassed simply because she did not take a change of clothes, or because she is dressed inappropriately, for example. Make her a list of items she may want to take on the date.

The recipe for a truly romantic Valentine date lies in careful and thoughtful planning. Why not start straight away?