“The Reader” – most inspirational TV commercial ever?

“The Reader”  may be the most inspirational TV commercial ever

“The Reader” is the latest TV commercial by Bell’s Whisky and is about acknowledging the good guy that mostly goes unnoticed. The phrase, “Give that man a Bell’s” has become synonymous with a reward and applause for the guy next door that does something special.

Bell’s Whisky produced their latest TV commercial, “The Reader” by focusing on the need for literacy, the good of giving and betterment of the self regardless of circumstances.

This is about celebrating the guy that does not seek the limelight, but accomplishes a great deal of good as an individual. Bell’s Whisky has taken the concept of literacy and created an inspiring commercial that will touch every single viewer.

The Reader



“The Reader” inspires

This commercial is about hope, feelings, dreams and inspires audiences by showing that dreams can be realized and that goals can be reached. The story portrayed by “The Reader” is relevant to South Africa and portrays the guy that lives his life quietly, but does everything for his family and does more than what is expected from him.

“The Reader” features a father that has provided for his family all through his life, without having the benefit of an education. His son becomes a famous writer and the father learns how to read on his own. He attends literacy classes after hours and is eventually able to read the book written by his son.

The son cannot believe that his dad can read, hugs him and says with pride,”Give this man a Bell’s!”

Technical Team : Production: “The Reader”

The new Bell’s TV commercial features a father whose intrepid spirit demonstrates just what it takes to be a true Man of Character.

Advertising Agency: King James, Cape Town, South Africa
Directors: Greg GrayVelocity Films
Production House TV Producer: Helena Woodfine
Executive Creative Director: Devin Kennedy
Creative Director: Mike Wilson
Art Director: Cameron Watson
Agency TV Producer: Caz Friedman
Client Service: Sheri Cook