Reasons for a dead car battery

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Dead Car Battery?

Dead car battery at the most impossible time?

It’s Monday morning and your car won’t start. That horrible sound echoes in your ears and eventually you just hear click … click … click.

What causes a dead car battery?

The following 10 reasons are the most prevalent causes of finding a dead car battery when you really don’t need it.

1 Headlights

You may have left the headlights on, causing the battery to go flat.

2 Inside Light/s

The car’s inside lights or radio may have been left on and this will also cause a dead battery.

3 Electrical Connection

There may be a loose or damaged Electrical connection.

4 Ignition Switch

A faulty ignition switch may cause the problem.

5 Starter

If your starter is out of order, your battery may appear to be flat and the car won’t start.

6 Coil

A faulty coil will cause problems when trying to start your car.

7 Distributor Cap

If your distributor cap is faulty, the car won’t start.

8 Fuel Pump

Take a look at your fuel pump. If damaged, the fuel won’t be able to flow.

9 Fuel Filter

A clogged fuel filter will cause problems when you want to start your car.

10 Open door or Trunk

Door or trunk left open and lights burning.

10 Ways to guard against a dead car battery

The best way to guard against a dead car battery is to take the proper precautions. The following precautions will help you keep your car battery charged and in good order:

1 Battery fluid should be maintained at the correct level

2 Check the charging system regularly

3 Keep the battery clean of dirt, grease and build-up

4 Ensure that all internal switches and lights are kept in working order – defective dashboard switches may drain the battery.

5 Ensure that your batter is sealed correctly.

6 Never overcharge your battery.

7 Do not charge your car battery for longer than 12 hours.

8 Remove build-up from your dead car battery by mixing one to two teaspoons of baking soda with two cups of water. Clean  the terminals carefully and charge the battery.

9 Have your battery water checked regularly.

10 Always carry a battery charger lead in the trunk of your car.





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