Risk: Cannon Fodder or Victory?

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What is Risk … Really?

A General Definition of Risk:

Risk is the action that is taken with or without intention, having the result that the outcome may land you in butter… or hot water.

Imagine for a while that the metaphor of cannon parts can be used to depict the stages of taking a Risk. Your motivation to use this ‘cannon’ will be to either destroy or defend your position on the battlefield of life.

Risk – Get them Wheels Rolling.

Taking a Risk can be a conscious or sub-conscious decision to test your abilities and to create movement in your life. Once you’ve decided to take a Risk – make pretty damn sure that you don’t harm or destroy someone else in the process.

Risk – Point the Barrel in the Right Direction.

When you decide to take a Risk make sure you understand what you would like to accomplish. Your intention becomes potent when you have a clear bearing of what you are willing to lose in order to gain something of great value.

Risk – Ignite the Wick.

Action is the firepower and without it Risk doesn’t exist. During this explosion wisdom and experience is born. This is where the thought manifests itself in the physical world…an act of creation if you will.

Risk – What about the Cannon Ball of Fate?

Even though you have gathered all the information you possibly could, set some clear intentions and looked at all possible outcomes, life has a way of throwing you that curve-ball. The end result may be totally unexpected, delightfully surprising, absolutely devastating or inexplicably miraculously.

Risk – The Ammo has Landed.

To those of you who have used common sense as a navigational system – clap-clap-hooray! Then a HUGE applause to you oh brave one, who have taken a Risk with no palpable reason except for a gut-feel and undeniable belief that all will be well in the end.

If you turned out to be cannon fodder, hat’s off to you. By trying, you’ve succeeded!


Author: Sharon du Plessis

Bio: Artist and Writer, author and illustrator of self-published Afrikaans Tarot Deck, Shaman apprentice and teacher.

Link: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Dragonrose-C/1454409711482680

Email: bermuda_tri3@yahoo.co.uk