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How to Save Money on Insurance

How to Save on Insurance

Insurance is a necessity, but it does not mean that we have to pay half of our monthly salaries in order to stay covered.

This site provides you with information on how to save on all the different types of insurance and we trust that you will find the information valuable and practical.

How to Save on Insurance: Car

There are a variety of Car Insurance options available and the important issue is to select the option that suits your lifestyle and type of car the best.

How to Save on Insurance: Home

Home Contents and Building Insurance fall under Home Insurance and if you are a homeowner, you should be aware of the liability clauses that form part of your Buildings Insurance package.

How to Save on Insurance: Portable Possessions

Portable Possessions usually falls under Home Contents Insurance. You may also specify certain more valuable items according to the current replacement value thereof. If you do not specify certain items, you may end up losing money in case of theft, damage or loss.

How to Save on Insurance: Business

Business Insurance is crucial and the majority of insurance companies offer different categories of Business Insurance, according to your business venture. This gives you the opportunity to select options that apply to your business and exclude options that do not apply. You save money this way, apart from being fully covered for your line of business.

How to Save on Insurance: Personal

Personal Insurance includes Personal Accident Cover, Funeral Cover and HIV Cover. Legal Cover is also available and usually offers Litigation, as well as Mediation Cover.

How to Save on Insurance: Life

Life Insurance includes Life Cover, Disablement Cover and Dread Disease Cover. There are also various options and levels of Life Insurance you can choose in order to suit your lifestyle.

How to Save on Insurance: Pet

Pet Insurance is gaining in popularity and some of the foremost insurance companies are now including pet insurance in their list of insurance products. Pet insurance usually covers accidental injury, but may also include cover against certain forms of illness and surgery.

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Keep abreast of information How To Save on Insurance and you may save a great deal of money!