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Personal Insurance products add much more at low cost

What is Personal Insurance?

Personal Insurance products enhance your existing policies and can be added at very little additional cost. These products are designed specifically to cover unforeseen events and to provide you with financial cover for these instances.

Personal Insurance products

The following Personal Insurance are generally provided by most of the top Insurance Companies. When you shop around for the best, tailor-made products for your lifestyle, remember to ask your Insurance Provider which of these products they offer.

Personal Accident

Your Personal Accident policy covers you and your family if you are in an accident and hospitalized or sadly pass away.

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Personal Accident Cover

Funeral Plan

Your funeral expenses are covered in the unfortunate circumstances of death regarding, you, your spouse or your children. Speak to your consultant about additional options to include your parents, parents-in-law and even your domestic employees.

Legal Cover

Your Legal Insurance Policy offers you expert advice on private, legal and labour matters. Mediation and Litigation Benefits are usually included.

Touch-Up Cover

Get Touch-Up Cover to fix all those horrible little dents, scuff marks and scratches on your car and keep your car in mint condition.

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Touch-Up for minor dents and scratches

Tyre & Rim Guard

With the deteriorating state of our roads, having Tyre & Rim Guard is basically a necessity. Get this add-on product at very little additional cost.

Auto Top Up

Auto Top Up Cover is designed to cover you financially if your new car is written off or stolen. This covers the amount that you still owe on your car after pay-out of your insurance claim.

Cellphone Only Insurance

This stand-alone policy covers your cellphone against theft, loss and damage and is excellent value for money.

Designated Driver Assist

Getting home after a party is no longer a problem. Make use of this service and both you and your car will be delivered home in a jiffy.

Personal Loans

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Get a Personal Loan now!

Personal Loans are available at competitive interest rates.

How to save on Personal Insurance

You can save on Personal Insurance by shopping around until you find an Insurance Company that meets all your needs at a price you can afford. Consolidating all your insurance under one roof will guarantee you a discounted premium.

These Personal Insurance products will certainly increase the value of your other policies at very low extra cost.