Do you suffer from Parking Rage?

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Don’t you see the lines?

What is Parking Rage?

Why do people park badly? Are bad parkers selfish, stupid or just don’t give a damn?

According to Drs. Leon James and Diane Nahl, bad parking can be related to the psychological behavior of drivers. Here is what they have to say:

Parking Rage explained

Drs. James and Nahl mention the term Parking Rage and explain this term as a common, everyday occurrence across the globe. The greater majority of drivers experience foul moods regarding lack of parking space, especially on busy days during peak times. Parking Rage involves feelings of frustration and aggression and may result in openly aggressive or hostile acts.

People who are usually meek and mild, may express passive aggressive behavior when in their cars. This kind of behavior occurs when the driver is not openly aggressive, but takes his or her time (more than necessary) to exit from a parking spot, parks across two parking spaces or parks too close to another vehicle.

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Oh my word!

Parking Lots and Parking Rage

Parking lots are home to territorial disputes, power wars and turf fights. Suddenly, a parking space becomes my space and when drivers cut in front of other drivers, they see it as their good luck. Unfortunately, many of the angry drivers damage the car of an owner that they deemed as being rude or inconsiderate. This anger results in parking rage where keys are used to damage paint on cars, hard objects are used to cause dents and windscreen wipers are broken.