Working from Home: The Cloud Workforce

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Join the Cloud Workforce as a Freelancer

Working from home has definite advantages as well as distinct disadvantages. Have you got what it takes to work from home and still earn a decent living wage?

The world in your palm

It is said that telecommunications shrunk the world to a global village. Telecommuters, also collectively known as the cloud workforce, now toil in a virtual world where work is commissioned and delivered online. People need not leave their homes to commute to work anymore. They simply log on to the web from their mobile devices and the world is at their feet… or rather, in their palms.

Working from home – the positive

You may be able to:

  • pick your own, flexible working hours;
  • better utilize the hours you would otherwise have spent in traffic;
  • save on transport costs to and from the office;
  • save on the cost of professional work clothes;
  • manage, promote and drive yourself as your own brand;
  • take on as much or as little work as you can manage; and
  • be your own boss

Working from home – the negative

You may feel:

  • isolated and cut-off from social interaction between co-workers;
  • overwhelmed by having to take decisions on your own;
  • pressurized into putting in extra working time after hours or not taking a lunch break;
  • unable to juggle family-life and work when both happen under the same roof; and
  • concerned that your income may vary considerably from month to month. 

Have you got what it takes to work from home?

  • Are you a reliable, self-disciplined and self-motivated individual that has remarkable organizational skills and can set realistic and achievable goals for yourself?
  • Do you have the aptitude to focus exclusively on the task at hand?
  • Do you have an excellent eye for detail coupled with the ability to judge the quality of your work honestly and impartially?
  • Are you committed to being and staying on top of your game? Will you keep abreast with what is happening in the corporate world regarding trends and training opportunities?
  • Have you got access to your own work space, reliable internet connection and basic equipment such as a phone and laptop?
  • Have you got the necessary drive and ambition to market yourself as a brand on a continuous basis?
  • Do you have the ability to say no to some work assignments when you realize you cannot possibly do everything on your own?
  • Will you be able to put a fair value on your work, knowing that sometimes you may have to operate on a ‘lose some to win some’- principle.

Working from home certainly has become a global trend and more and more companies recognize the value of signing on freelance experts. If you plan on working from home, make sure you do your homework first and know what you are letting yourself in for. Be honest with yourself and evaluate your circumstances carefully.



TOP 3 cheap motorcycle insurance companies

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TOP 3 cheap motorcycle insurance companies in South Africa

The TOP 3 selected South African Insurance Companies have earned the trust of numerous South Africans by sticking to their promises and providing their clients with exceptional value for money.

The TOP 3 options for decent cheap motorcycle insurance are:

Budget Insurance

Budget Insurance has been around since 1998 and they still provide South Africans with adequate insurance at low, low prices. Budget cuts the cost and not the cover.

1st for Women Insurance

1st for Women provides South African women with Designer insurance at Discount prices. Pay up to 29% less on vehicle insurance at 1st for Women just because you are a woman!

Dial Direct

Dial Direct is a household name and provides South Africa with simple, smart insurance. They cut the cost and stay abreast of international insurance trends in order to provide you with the best insurance around.

Really cheap motorcycle insurance for YOU

Budget Motorcycle Insurance: Comprehensive Cover

Your Budget Motorcycle Insurance: Comprehensive Cover offers the following:

  • You are covered whether you drive to work or back, as well as for social rides
  • Theft or damage
  • Towing and storage
  • Your accesories are covered if included in theft of your motorcycle
  • Your comprehensive Budget Motorcycle Insurance also covers you for damage caused by you to other parties and their property
  • If you transport your bike/s to another destination, also consider getting affordable, low premium Budget Car Insurance and Budget Trailer Insurance.

1st for Women Motorcycle Insurance Comprehensive Cover

Your 1st for Women Comprehensive Motorcycle Insurance covers your motorcycle against damage and theft. Additionally, in the unfortunate event of you being involved in an accident and the other party’s property is damaged, your Motorcycle Insurance covers damages and expenses regarding the unfortunate event.

Your affordable Motorcycle Insurance package include:

  • Towing & Storage of your motorcycle when involved in an accident (1st for Women Towline)
  • You get up to R50 000 for property damage per incident
  • Accessories are covered up to a certain specified amount
  • You also get a whole selection of FAB Benefits at 1st for Women.

Dial Direct’s Comprehensive Motorcycle Insurance package covers the following:

  • Immediate Motorcycle Insurance cover for third party incidents
  • Motorcycle Insurance includes South Africa, Botswana, Lesotho, Malawi, Mozambique, Namibia, Swaziland and Zimbabwe for social or work-related travel.
  • Original bike accessories is also covered by your Motorcycle Insurance package.
  • We handle motorcycle claim and repair processes on your behalf.
  • Dial Direct approved motorcycle repairs carry a lifetime guarantee.

Get your Cheap Motorcycle Insurance right NOW

Call any of the TOP 3 South African Insurance Providers for excellent insurance at a cost you can easily afford.


Anti Bullying campaigner Reeva Steenkamp

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Did you know that Reeva Steenkamp campaigned against bullying?

Reeva Steenkamp, deceased girlfriend of Blade-runner Oscar Pistorius, who was shot in the early hours of the morning of Valentines Day 2013, was an active campaigner against bullying. She was the celebrity face for Spirit Day Anti-bullying campaign.

On the day she died, she was to have delivered a speech to school children admitting that she had previously been in an abusive relationship. The abuser’s mother used to abuse him before. It was this relationship that prompted her to move to Johannesburg and rebuild her life.

She wanted to warn the secondary school students that even if many people say that they love you, but you do not love yourself, you will limit yourself by that form of mental confusion.

What is Bullying?

Bullying is the use of force, threat, or oppression to abuse, intimidate, or aggressively enforce power over others. This behavior will be repeated and becomes habit. There is a perception by the bully of having the upper hand with regard to physical power. Types of behavior used to proclaim such domination include: verbal pestering or intimidation, as well as physical assault. These forms of abuse are usually focused repeatedly on specific targets.

A bully justifies his behavior by difference of class, race, religion, gender, sexuality, appearance, strength or size. Bullying by a group is called mobbing. “Targets” are the “victims” of bullying.

Bullying consists of four types of cruelty – emotional, verbal, physical, and cyber bullying. It usually includes indirect methods of pressure such as intimidation.

Bullying ranges from one-on-one bullying to complex bullying where the bully has one or more “lieutenants” who are willing or intimidated to assist the bully in the act of bullying.

Direct bullying involves physical aggression, such as shoving and poking, throwing things, slapping, punching and kicking, beating, pulling hair and pinching.

The effect of Bullying

Mona O’Moore of the Anti-Bullying Centre at Trinity College in Dublin, wrote: “research indicates that individuals, whether child or adult, who are persistently subjected to abusive behavior (bullying) are at risk of stress related illness which can sometimes lead to suicide”.






React to Abuse

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Verbal Abuse

Take your power back – React to Abuse

The Effects of Verbal Abuse

Distorted emotional development can occur in younger victims, with resultant feelings of shame or low self-esteem. A victim has lack of confidence and feels inferior. Much emotional pain and psychological issues can arise.

Verbal abusers usually intensify the abuse in time and the abuse may go along with by physical abuse. The stress and trauma of the victim may lead to physical health problems.

React to Verbal Abuse

Know it is not your fault

An abuser may blame the victim for the behavior. It is a lie. No one has enough reason to verbally abuse you.

Find out if they know they are abusing you

Try to discuss their wounding words and say how it makes you feel. Some people don’t realize that they are over critical and their words hurt you. Make them aware.

If you are married or dating, get counseling. If it is a family member or friend, discuss it openly and honestly. If they seem not to care, avoid their presence.

Get private counseling and get away

Most abusers don’t care how you feel, but wants to control you. During discussion you will find out if they are intentionally hurting you. A real abuser will discount your feelings and ignore you. They may become sarcastic about you approaching them. Its a sign of unwillingness to change, take steps to get away.

Discuss it with someone

Make others aware of the situation. Their love and support will help you to recover from the abuse. Do not be too proud or ashamed to ask for help. It is not your fault.

Don’t reveal your emotions to the abuser

They may want to see you cry, get angry, and express hurt. You must act calm and neutral and don’t allow them continued to control over your emotions. Don’t argue or try to verbally fight them. It will fuel the abuse. This way you reclaim control of your emotions.

Be aware! If you don’t react, they may try harder and even resort to physically harm to get reaction. Get away  at your first opportunity. Don’t allow promises to change to withhold you.

Allow time to heal

Even if you can work things out and the abuse stops, your emotions need healing. Counseling can help rebuild your self-esteem. Limit your interaction with the person until you feel ready.

If you left the abuser, you still need time to heal. Stay away and surround yourself with kind people.

If you are a victim of verbal abuse and the abuser don’t change, you have every right to stop all communication. You are a valuable deserve respect. Get help!







Affordable Car Insurance for Women

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Affordable Car Insurance designed for Women

As a woman with different needs to that of men, you deserve tailor-made and affordable Car Insurance. First for Women knows your specific needs and designed affordable car insurance specially for you! You definitely also deserve our FAB BENEFITS!

1st for Women designed 3 car insurance policy options:

Comprehensive Cover

A select but affordable car insurance package to cover you against almost any consequence of loss or damage. You will have comprehensive cover for theft, burglaries, accidental damage of your car, as well as costs incurred due to damage you caused to a third party’s property.

Also included in the affordable car insurance at 1st for Women:

• Towing & Storage of your vehicle by 1st for Women towline.

• R500 medical costs resultant from an accident

• Canopy and Sound System available to select

• Hail Damage Cover available

• Car Hire Option if you choose

• Increased Third Party Liability Cover of R5 million, R10 million or R20 million as an option

3rd Party, Fire & Theft

Upmarket and affordable car insurance cover against theft, fire damage and accidental damage you may have caused to a third party’s car or property.

The stipulated options included to the comprehensive policy also applies to this insurance option.

3rd Party Only

This is your most affordable car insurance with 1st for Women to cover repair costs of accidental damage you may cause to another person’s car.

Included is:

• the option to increase Liability Cover up to R20 million as well as the option to insure a specified sound system in your vehicle.

• Medical expenses up to R500 for injuries incurred in an accident.

Contact First for Women today. Our dynamic consultants will assist you in getting affordable car insurance!

FAB Benefits for you


If you remain claim-free for four consecutive years, 1st for Women gives up to 25% of all your premiums over four years, or your first year’s premiums back, whichever is lesser. Just what any woman needs.


To keep you safe on the road, these benefits are included:

Trip Monitor to get you safely to your destination

Directions Assist to give you road directions.

Accident Assist for help and advice after an accident

Cabs for Women

Guardian Angels to assist stranded drivers.

Road Assist for all roadside emergencies.