Can I go on holiday?

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Stressed out and need a holiday?

But of course you can go on holiday!

Ahoy, ahoy! On holiday we go! Which family does not look forward to a break? All year round the kids have to learn, the parents have to earn and everyone is stressed all the time. Better marketing and better facilities have seen to it that there are now so many more choices. Perhaps those families with holiday homes still return to their family properties every year but many others are opting to explore the world and the country.

Looking forward to a vacation and actually enjoying the vacation are two very different things. First of all: where to go? Next: can we afford it? Also: will it be enjoyable for everyone in the household? These are important issues and they must be addressed when planning a family vacation.

Going to the same location every year may be comforting because everyone knows what to expect. On the other hand, exploring new options may be exciting and may unlock new treasures. There is a risk, however: if it is a disaster it is almost impossible to fix. Luckily, South Africa is a wonderfully diverse country with numerous destinations that are guaranteed to thrill and enthral.

Consumer feedback sites are a truly wonderful way in which to get an idea of whether a specific location or venue can deliver on its promises. Modern consumers are sophisticated and they will not tolerate shoddy service, false promises or overrated activities and events. So, visit sites such as Hellopeter before making a final decision.

If finances are tight, consider a vacation close to home, or actually stay at home. With a little bit of imagination it is possible to stay home and plan excursions that will still be exciting and enjoyable. In addition, a holiday at home saves a lot of money on accommodation and transport. Perhaps a portion of that money can be spent on special treats that would not even be affordable on a vacation elsewhere!

One thing you should never forget when you go on holiday – INSURANCE!