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Pressure selling of Timeshare and Holiday clubs

The marketers of Timeshare and Holiday clubs are well trained and smooth talkers. They have a way to make everything sound like an idyllic fantasy world of sun, surf and cocktails, all around the world. When it comes to paying though, you are totally on your own. Nobody in their office can help you get rid of what you bought but can’t afford! Be careful, don’t get caught.

Holiday clubs are a reinvention of the dodgy schemes that have long blighted the timeshare industry, particularly in the 1980s. Usually, you get a phone call at home, or are approached while on holiday.

Definition of Timeshare and Holiday Clubs

Timeshare is the annual right to use accommodation during one or more specified weeks in a holiday property or several properties.

A holiday club is where you pay an affiliation fee which allows you to reserve and pay for holidays through the club at a discounted price.

Caution when offered Timeshare or Holiday Clubs

A few tips to prepare you:

1. Be wary of forceful sales

Timeshare and Holiday Clubs are often sold using aggressive techniques, some even illegal. Sometimes you may be offered a scratch card which regularly wins a prize. To receive the prize, you’ll be enticed to a presentation and bullied into signing a contract. Be suspicious of people approaching you on the street whilst on holiday.

2. Be wary of Timeshare and Holiday Clubs resale offers

When you are in trouble and need to sell your ownership, a company may offer to resell it on your behalf for an upfront fee, which you can’t really afford, but desperation kicks in. Once you paid the fee, sales rarely happen or where they do, it is at a selling price that barely covers the fees.

Timeshare marketers may also try to convince you to buy another ‘better’ property, promising that they will sell your existing property. These sales may never happen and you’ll sit with two timeshares!

3. Contract cancellation: holiday clubs

If you are already affiliated to a holiday club and want to cancel, check the terms of your contract carefully and request cancellation immediately. There may be a cooling of time written into the small print, which allow you to walk away scot-free  in the early days.

Regulations for Timeshare and Holiday Clubs

Regulations now incorporates both Timeshare and Holiday Clubs, replacing innumerable complex systems. A cooling-off period is now stipulated. During this time, it is illegal to ask you for any money, such as a deposit or administration fee.

The regulations also state that payments are once a year and the contract can be terminated when any payment becomes due.

To avoid being scammed twice, if you want to sell your Timeshare and Holiday Clubs affiliation, only use an accredited resale broker.

VOASA, or Vacation Ownership Association of Southern Africa promotes ethical and fair trading since 1990.

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