The Best way to find the man of your dreams

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Love is not finding someone to live with it is finding one you can’t live without” Anonymous

What is the best way to find the man of your dreams?

It is a common need to desire a partner that suits us best. Our own uniqueness presents us with different personalities, quirks and habits. Is it possible to make sure the next relationship steers clear of the rocky patches to a peaceful island?  Let’s assume you have had a few relationships and none of them worked out the way you aspired. Your friends have moved on to husbands, long term partners and relationships.  But you are still on the playing field waiting for the home run.

Know yourself               

You have done your homework starting with soul searching; you know your strong points and weaknesses. Psychologists say the way you perceive a potential partner is hugely influenced by your personal preferences, your previous relationships and your expectations of a long term

Your strategy

According to Hannah Fry from TED talk, you can calculate it mathematically.  It might be an odd way at finding your perfect partner but everything is changing and this may be the best way to do it. According to her studies it all comes down to patterns and equations.  Apparently fish do the same thing in finding their mates and if we look at their population, with great success.

For example you started dating at the age of 15 and at 35 years of age you want to get married and settle down.  If you do the math the best possible strategy will be to reject the first 37%. Now after you have rejected all the other guys the next suitable guy that is better than the ones you have dated before will be the best choice for you.

After you have worked out your correct formula according to your own dating timeline will you be willing to take a chance on love the mathematical way or are you still feeling optimistic about waiting for that special connection to come first and going on second and third dates before you make your choice.



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Author: Suzette Bartlett

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