Trump versus ISIS

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Donald Trump is ready to tackle ISIS

Since the Presidential Race for the 2016 elections in The United States have been underway, one man has been surprisingly effective at gaining good ratings with the public. That man is Donald Trump. With his comb over that has become iconic, and his lack of political correctness, he has won over the hearts and minds of Americans of all ages and all walks of life. He speaks glibly like the Julius Malema of America to people who are all to ready to lap up his every word. The way that Mr. Trump is able to bamboozle his audience with his wild statements can only mean one thing and that is they are eager to believe him, because he is delivering the messages they want to hear. In response to the Paris attacks, Trump made it seem so simple and easy to make an end to the terrorist threat. He simply declared, “they must be stopped.”

Like a Moses, or a man who can create the world with the power of his words, Trump has been able to spin tales of magnificent change that he would be able to bring about should he be given the ability to rule in America. He whips people up about the issues that are sore, and he placates by promising that he will pay all a living wage. The amazing fact is that after more than six months on the campaign trail, Mr Trump is still firmly in the seat of his self proclaimed chariot toward presidency, and all he needs in order to get approval is to promise jobs, and when he speaks about terrorists, to announce that they must be stopped.

Isn’t it wonderful that the military forces of the United States and the North Atlantic Alliance over the past year and a half have made no progress at all towards getting rid of ISIS, but Trump is convinced that he can put a stop to all the murder and mayhem by simply stating that “they must be stopped.” His reading of the current international system and state of warfare is equally simplistic. It seems like Trump’s ability to simplify things is exactly what makes him so popular. Ignorance is bliss and Trump is the candidate that can turn any bad news into a show of his magnanimity and unequaled ability to make everything all right again, just by saying so.