Why Vacant Property Insurance is ESSENTIAL

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Vacant Property Insurance is vital

Valuable Information for all Vacant Property Owners

The subsequent aspects regarding the ownership of vacant property should be kept in mind when you consider property insurance:

The Risk Factor

Insurance providers generally view vacant property, such as vacant houses, office blocks or apartment buildings as high risk insurance. The following aspects should be addressed when you own a property that may be uninhabited for a period of time.          


The increased risk of vandalism is apparent regarding vacant properties. These properties are subject to vandalism as the property is uninhabited. The majority of vacant property owners do not employ security guards to keep an eye on the property 24 hours per day. Vandals may damage the structure of the building by throwing bricks, breaking down walls, breaking windows, and defacing the entire building. Arson is also a grave risk that vacant property owners have to face.

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The ugly face of vandalism


Squatters having free reign on a vacant property spells trouble. First of all, they pose a fire hazard and often make cooking fires inside the building. More often than not, wooden door frames and doors are used for their fires.

Sanitation is a problem and may pose serious health risks to both the squatters and people residing in the area. Crime may also increase in the area due to unwanted characters hanging about.

Maybe the biggest problem of all, is getting rid of the squatters once they have settled.   

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Squatter’s cooking fire inside your vacant property

Vacant Property Insurance Providers 

Before insuring vacant property, insurance providers have to ensure that there will be a reduction in the probability of losses occurring on the property. They may insist on sufficient fencing, regular inspections by the owner and even having a security guard on the premises.

In order to source the best vacant property insurance, look for insurance companies on the  internet and compare the products these providers have to offer.

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