Vehicle Insurance Options

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Vehicle insurance is essential

Facts about basic Vehicle Insurance

When you purchase vehicle insurance you are given three basic options:

1.       Comprehensive Cover:

Protection against any accidental damage, fire damage and theft as well as damage caused to the vehicle or property of a third party.

2.       Third Party, Fire and Theft cover:

Pays for damage that you caused to another person’s car or property, fire damage or replacement of your stolen vehicle. Some insurers will also cover damages if you drive another person’s car and cause an accident.

3.       Third Party Only:

      Affordable insurance and cost effective cover for vehicles with a low value that are fully paid. It only covers damage to a third party’s car or property.

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Hail damage to car


Value added products to add to Basic Vehicle Insurance

Enquire about various extra products to select from:


To repair scratches, chips, dents and scuff marks. A claim normally doesn’t affect your claim free status.

Sound System

To replace or repair your vehicle’s sound system.

Hail Damage

For repairing a vehicle damaged in a hail storm.


To replace or repair the canopy of an insured vehicle.

Tyre and Rim Guard

Cover for damage caused by potholes and bad road conditions.


Ask your insurer about available products and any discount available!