Zuma’s Nkandla Selfie

Zuma now speaks up about Nkandla

Sunday was the first time the nation heard any reaction from the President, regarding an unfavorable report on upgrades at his KwaZulu-Natal home. Public Protector Thuli Madonsela released the report according to her investigations over 2 years.

Zuma declared he never asked for it and he will not pay any money for it either. He is of the opinion that criminal charges laid against him holds no water and will come to nothing.

Zuma’s Nkandla Selfie

Charges laid against Zuma by other parties

The DA called for Zuma’s impeachment. They launched a criminal corruption case against Zuma. Their spokesperson Lindiwe Mazibuko said the upgrades had nothing to do with security. It is purely improper benefit from state funds for Zuma, and that ministers trying to prevent investigation was a cover up for Zuma.

The EFF calls this a “Constitutional crisis” which requires impeachment of the president. Their Dali Mpofu said Madonsela was merciful in saying Zuma made an honest mistake to mislead Parliament. Ministers did wrong and the person who is supposed to fire them, is the guilty party.

Congress of the People’s leader Mosiou Lekota declares Zuma violated the law and the Constitution. He should be brought before Parliament so they can take action and get him to court. As there is enough evidence the president should be criminally liable.

Will Zuma react on Nkandla report?

Madonsela set a deadline for Zuma to act on her Nkandla report by Wednesday 2 April. Whether Zuma will honour the deadline, remains to be seen. Zuma said on Sunday said he never asked for the makeover of his private house that cost millions from state funds.

Deputy President Kgalema Motlanthe is so far the most senior leader to call for action, saying “what needs to be done must be done”. What is it that he thinks should be done?

Neither government or the ANC have reported when or whether they will act on Madonsela’s report. The ANC will discuss the conclusions of its National Executive Committee meeting, later this afternoon.

The question on everybody’s lips: Will action be taken against Zuma and if so, what will such action entail? Some suggest that the ANC will either safeguard him or allow him to address Parliament as the president.

All will have to wait and see!





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